What is it?    

The Product Registration is a document issued by MAPA, legalizing it for sale. Any product or merchandise that depends on regularization with the Ministry of Agriculture needs to obtain this registration before selling.

 How can we help?

We operate in an intermediate way between the company and the ministry during the advisory and consultancy process for the Product Registration linked to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), facilitating the entire procedure in a customized way for each type of product.

We deal with the necessary documentation from the moment of requesting the Product Registration, until the development of the necessary reports for the production of the labels. We also prepare a technical portfolio to be analysed by the Ministry of Agriculture.

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List of products that need registration with the Ministry of Agriculture

  • Products of plant origin;
  • Drinks, as well as wines and vinegars;
  • Fertilizers, inoculants, correctives;
  • Additives for animal feed (acidifiers, preservatives, dyes, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, etc.);
  • Products intended for animal feed;
  • Additives, supplements, animal production improvers, antiseptics, disinfectants for environmental use or in livestock equipment and installations, pesticides;
  • All products, used in animals or in their habitat, that protect, restore or modify their organic and physiological functions, products intended for the hygiene and beautification of animals;
  • All chemical, biological, biotechnological or manufactured preparation substances, which are administered individually or collectively, directly or mixed with food, intended for the prevention, diagnosis, cure or treatment of animal diseases;

We provide advice and consultancy for the acquisition of registration, since products of animal origin and products from related establishments are processed in another way. Our professionals are trained and qualified to achieve your goals.

Renewal of Product Registration of
the Ministry of Agriculture

We prepare all the technical documentation so that the Related Establishment products are renewed every five years.



Product registration with the
Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA)

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