How does wine import work

How does wine import work

Did you know that wine is one of the most imported drinks in Brazil?

We are currently among the 15 largest wine import markets. The consumption of the drink in the country has increased and the prospects are only improving.

To import wines, we need to follow some rules. When it comes to imports that do not require registration with Siscomex, the procedures will take place with the use of printed documentation and the goods will be released through the manifestation of the federal agricultural inspection in a specific field of the Application for Inspection of Agricultural Products.

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Types of procedures

The criterion to be used to determine the need for sampling for the control analysis of imported goods will be carried out according to the rule established in a specific beverage import regulation, with one of the following procedures being adopted:

Simplified Procedure (no need for sample collection) - For cases of: previously imported product that had its commercialization released by the corresponding Technical Service / SFA-UF; products imported for non-commercial purposes; products imported under the Drawback regime; products imported by diplomatic representations. The adoption of this procedure is subject to the presentation of the Import Inspection Certificate that meets the rules established for the exemption from collection, or specific document that proves the exemption of sample collection, as the case may be.

Complete Procedure (with sample collection) - For cases of: product being imported for the first time; product that was not authorized for sale in previous imports; when there is no presentation of the Import Inspection Certificate and; when the product does not meet the rules for exemption from collection.


When the import comes from countries with which Brazil has specific international agreements, it should be proceeded according to the CGVB / DIPOV guidelines. In addition, we always need to have Radar active (enabling the IRS to operate in foreign trade).

Before the distribution of the drink, the company must obtain registration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), both to import and to commercialize the wines.

Commercial release

Only with the authorization of the head of the corresponding technical sector of entry of the goods, upon approval in its own application, according to the model defined in IN 54/09 and IN 55/09, products may be released for exhibitions, tasting events, commercial promotion, in quantities above the limit of customs exemption, not intended for sale and which are accompanied or not by the certificates of analysis and origin, and are still exempt from registration, collection of sample and laboratory analysis.

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