How to register insecticide for plants?

How to register insecticide for plants?

The use of insecticides significantly increased agricultural potential. Today, it is recommended to integrate various methods to reduce pest populations.

Chemical control is one of these procedures and can be used based on the level of pest damage. The ideal is to enter with insecticide application at the moment the population reaches the level of control.

The variety of pests makes the choice of insecticide essential for the success of the treatment. Therefore, see what are the pests that are harming your crop for the correct application of the insecticide.

The process can be complicated, but Stone Okamont has the highest authorities in regulatory affairs! We are ready to register your insecticide on MAPA!

To register insecticide for plants with MAPA, it is essential to have the necessary knowledge, for this Stone Okamont can help you to obtain the registration of your product.

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See what regulatory steps are required to register insecticide for plants.

Establishment Registration

The Establishment Registration with MAPA is the necessary regulation for your company to carry out its work activities. Therefore, before registering a product, it is necessary that the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply grant the Establishment Registration, proving that the company operates within the standards of its specific function.

Before starting the process necessary to register insecticide for plants in MAPA, it is necessary to legalize your company as a Producer Establishment. This license is intended for companies that turn raw material into otherproducts. That is, each specific activity receives a specific regulation.

The Establishment Registry must be renewed every 10 years, being valid throughout the country.

How to register insecticide for plants

After the company is regularized it is possible to enter the application to register insecticide for plants.

Stone Okamont operates in an intermediate way between your company and MAPA, facilitating the entire process of advisory and consulting with the customized procedure for each type of product.

We’ve published the documentation prior to the registration request, and in this analysis of the documentation, we provide the necessary and applicable reports and tests for the type of product you want to register. We also elaborate technical portfolio and everything that is requested during this product registration process.

How does the pesticide registration process work?

The insecticide for plants is classified by the Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Supply as pesticides, and because it is a product that has different characteristics, and should be evaluatedby several regulatory agencies in Brazil, being:

I - MAPA: Evaluation of agronomic efficacy;

II - ANVISA: Toxicological classification;

III - IBAMA: Environmental dangerousness assessment.

Thus, to register insecticide for plants in MAPA, it will also be necessary to start processes in other regulatory agencies, such as ANVISA and IBAMA.

Temporary Special Record (RET)

The RET allows the manufacture, import, formulation and use of pesticides in specific quantities for study and research purposes, conducted in Brazil. The information obtained from the tests will be used to make up the technical report used to register pesticides in the MAP definitively.

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Stone Okamont has expertise in the regulatory paths of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, ANVISA and IBAMA. With expert consultants, and more than 30 years of experience.

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