Zero Bureaucracy: our method for your company

Zero Bureaucracy: our method for your company

This method was created and is used by us at Stone Okamont to translate bureaucratic language into an accessible language, delivering faster, and more accurate results with cost-cutting.

Through an analysis of this regulatory scenario, we’ve created this working methodology not only for the results, but to facilitate the access of companies in general to obtain their licenses and registrations by our Zero Bureaucracy method.

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The Bureaucratic Process

When the regulatory process of a company/product begins with a regulatory company or regulatory agency, there are several mandatory and necessary steps to obtain your regularization.

It becomes a bureaucratic process because there are steps that require knowledge in the field, steps with many details, documentation and a lot of bureaucracy.

Each step, depending on the company's objective, requires specific procedures that correspond to different standards and current legislation.


What are the challenges during the regulatory process?

The challenges during the regulatory process are numerous. Entrepreneurs who choose doing the regulatory process alone may believe that this will save money, but the difficulties that you will face along the way can make you spend more money and waste a lot of time.

These challenges are:

  • Constant visits to the regulatory agency;
  • Understand and grant the current legislation requirements;
  • In-depth knowledge of the standards and which ones must be applied;
  • Experience with the RDC’s of ANVISA and IN’s of MAPA;
  • Waste of a time that may be used on other company needs;
  • Have all documentation following the required standards;
  • Process formatting;
  • Lack of adequate proof;
  • Difficulty in classifying the product;
  • Respond to rejected demands and points;

What are the solutions of the Zero Bureaucracy method?

Through our Zero Bureaucracy method, the entrepreneur who relies on Stone Okamont when regulating your company will find several solutions that add to the company, its operation and growth.

Our solutions with the Zero Bureaucracy method:

  • Reduction of costs and rework;
  • Time optimization;
  • Audits and pre-audits;
  • Production of the Good Practices Manual;
  • Development and implementation of a valid and operating Quality System;
  • Specific and accurate classification of the product to be regulated;
  • Experience in formatting processes and procedures;
  • Correlation of all necessary documentation, in the required standards.
  • These are just some of the solutions that stone okamont offers to its customers.


Our Advisory and Consulting

We always look for delivering an Advisory and Consulting of excellence, and we’ve never failed in this mission. Through our experience in the field and in-depth knowledge, we can adapt the entire bureaucratic process into an accessible and comprehensible process for companies.

Knowledge is essential to go through all the steps, following the language of the regulatory agency, and optimizing the process.

The Zero Bureaucracy method

We created the Zero Bureaucracy method, bringing together all its know-how to give the best solutions to entrepreneurs, so that none of their clients suffer from all the bureaucratic procedures required by regulatory agencies.

This solution is customized, respecting the needs of each company.

The Zero Bureaucracy method is a set of facilities for the customers, so they can focus on their success.

Contact Stone Okamont and learn how we can help you achieve your goals without wasting time with red tape!

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