Advisory and Consulting Brazilian Army License

Advisory and Consulting
Brazilian Army License

What is it?

The Brazilian army is the agency in charge, mainly, for developing regulatory measures for activities with controlled products, as well as registering and controlling companies that manufacture, import, export, transport, commercialize or store these products.

Some of these products are firearms, accessories, components, parts, airguns, explosives, burst explosives, pyrotechnics, ammunition, chemical products, ballistic protection, among others. 

The granting of registration can be requested by a natural or legal person. 

To whom it applies:

For import: 

When the company's activity is storage or transport an Army Controlled Product (PCE), the SERVICE PROVISION (OWN) - STORAGE or TRANSPORT must be requested. 

For manufacturing: 

The authorization for the manufacture of PCE types: less-lethal firearms, ammunition, pyrotechnics and ballistic protection must be preceded by the approval of the prototype, through conformity evaluation, which will be done by the Brazilian Army.

How to get the licenses:

These licenses are adjusted in accordance with Ordinance No. 118 - COLOG, OF OCTOBER 4, 2019, which specifically deals with these controlled products, their activities and what each of them needs to carry out this type of regularization. 

Company regularization:

If your product derives from a mixture or solutions that contain a warlike potential product, the company and product must be licensed by the Brazilian Army Ministry. 

Products that derive from mixtures that contain at least one chemical PCE component, must be evaluated, through a Technical Opinion done by the Controlled Products Inspection Board (DFPC), to characterize it as a PCE product. 

It is not just weapons and explosives that are controlled by the Army, it can also be a chemical product that somehow can offer some warlike potential, such as alcohol, fuels, formaldehyde, etc. 

Remembering that as well as products, services also need to be licensed with the Army, such as transport of special materials, armor and missiles. 

To start the activity, you need: 

Classify the product; 

Perform the joining and procedural compilation of mandatory documents; 

Pay the fee; 

Protocol the process; 

Wait for approval from the Army Ministry. 

Sounds complicated? Talk to Stone Okamont 

In this process, it is very important that your company hire a regulatory advisor that has expertise in the area, otherwise, this process may take a long time. 

We make the entire process more economical, faster, with a customized and simplified service using the Zero Bureaucracy method. Fill out the form below, talk to one of our professionals and clear all your doubts about the Brazilian Army License.


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