Learn how to register pesticides in Brazil


Pesticides have a big complexity in their registration, so be sure to learn how to register pesticides at the brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA)!

Because of its toxicological characteristics, agricultural effectiveness and nature risks, the registration procedure of pesticides must undergo several regulatory agencies in Brazil.

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What are pesticides?

Pesticides are products used with the purpose of controlling diseases, insects or any other type of damage in the plantations.

However, to register pesticides at MAPA, there is a great complexity in bureaucracy due to the characteristics of the product.

Establishment Registration for pesticides

Before starting the necessary process to register pesticides at MAPA, it’s necessary to regularize your company as a Producer Establishment.

This license is intended for companies that transform raw materials into other products, such as pesticides.

The Establishment Registration must be renewed every 10 years, being valid throughout  Brazil.

How does the pesticide registration process works?

Pesticides are a products with several characteristics that must be evaluated by brazilian regulatory agencies, which are:

I - MAPA: Evaluation of agronomic efficacy;

II - ANVISA: Toxicological classification;

III - IBAMA: Environmental dangerousness assessment.

Thus, to register pesticides at MAPA, it will also be necessary to initiate processes in other regulatory brazilian agencies, such as National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) and Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA).

This procedure is called the Temporary Special Registry (RET) claim.

What is Temporary Special Registration?

To register pesticides at mapa definitively, it is first necessary to go through the process of the Temporary Special Registration.

The RET allows the manufacture, import, formulation and use of pesticides in specific quantities for study and research purposes, conducted in Brazil.

The information obtained from these tests will be used to compose the technical report used to register pesticides at MAPA definitively.

What are the types of definitive pesticide registrations at MAPA?

In the process of registering pesticides at MAPA, there are 3 types of definitive registration. They are:

I - Technical Product: is considered a raw material for the manufacture of the formulated product;

II - Premixtures: are preparations of the technical product, which allow its transport or formulation in different manufacturing establishments;

III - Formulated product: final product, used in the agricultural environment for pest control.

There are also the "clone products".

They are formulated pesticides, belonging to the same registrant company, differing only in as to the trademark of an already registered pesticide.

Clone products are typically from the same company. However, if there is a Data Use Authorization Letter, identical products can be registered by different companies.

As If the study and research data already exists, registering pesticides at MAPA as a clone product becomes a more simplified procedure.

How to register pesticides at MAPA?

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