Organic Agriculture and Plant Protection Products


Today organic agriculture is playing a very important role in society, offering organic and healthy products to prioritize the quality of food consumed by the population.

Organic agriculture aims to awaken in society the importance of consuming healthy products and maintaining environmental balance, specifically soil. Within organic agriculture, products that have a 100% focus on sustainability are used.

In Brazil, organic agriculture was approved by Law 10,831 of December 23, 2003. However, its regulation occurred on December 27, 2007 with the publication of Decree No. 6,323.

That's why Stone Okamont  brought different and special content to help you understand Organic Agriculture and Plant Health Products.

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What are phytosanitary products?

They are products of plant origin, used to perform a biological control through the use of living organisms or those obtained by genetic manipulation. In this way, farmers can fight pests and even diseases that are caused by various groups, being:

- Mites

- Fungi

- Vermins

- Common Caterpillars

- Flies

And among others that end up harming agriculture.

Being a 100% vegetable/organic product, it can be used in any agriculture, ranging from fruits, vegetables, grains, sugar cane and etc.

Division of Groups and Types:

Plant protection products have two types, which are:

º Macrobiological: Use of  macroorganism (e.g.insects, mites and other natural opponents of pests). 

º Microbiological: Use of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Note. Semiochemical products, pheromonesand plantextracts can also be considered biological.

The market for biological products for pest control and agricultural diseases grew more than 70% in Brazil in 2018. The biodefensive industry moved  R$ 464.5 million last year, according to the Brazilian Association of Biological Control Companies.

Some people even confuse phytosanitary products with pesticides, because they both have similar purposes. Therefore, it is important to emphasize that a phytosanitary product is not pesticide because it is a product used in ORGANIC agriculture. And that it has no harmful substance for sustainability, environment and human/animal consumption.

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