Miscellaneous License ENVIRONMETAL LICENSE

Miscellaneous License

What is it?

It is an administrative process carried out by the authorized environmental agencies of each state, which can provide the licensing for installation, amplification and operation of companies and activities that use natural resources, controlling any possible environmental degradation

Who issues the Licenses?

The issuance of the License is responsibility of the agencies involved and the states or municipalities in which the company or business is located. The evaluation of the Environmental License is based on the company’s size or the environmental risk of the activity.

When does it apply?

According to environmental legislation, companies with polluting potential need an Environmental License to perform its activities. In the current regulations, regardless of the company’s size, it is necessary to request authorization for the operation and installation. 

The Environmental License applies to these segments: 

  • Agriculture; 
  • Mining; 
  • industries; 
  • Urbanism.

What are the Environmental License steps?

Obtaining environmental licensing is divided into three steps and all of them require different documents to be analyzed by the competent environmental agencies.

-Preliminary license 

-Installation license 

-Operating license 

  • First step - Preliminary License (LP): In this stage, the environmental agency evaluates the project site, that is, an inspection is carried out that allows the company to receive the approval to work. 
  • Second Step - Installation License (LI): This License is related to the company's structure, whose concession authorizes the beginning of the company construction and the equipment installation. 
  • Third Step - Operating License (LO): The Operating License authorizes the operation, the beginning of the company's activities. 

Your request can only happen when the company is built and the environmental control measures established. 


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