Miscellaneous License FEDERAL POLICE LICENSE

Miscellaneous License

The Federal Police License must be issued to any company that uses products controlled by the Brazilian Federal Police and that carry out the activities of import, manufacture or even commercialize controlled products. 

 Some of these controlled products are: acetone, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, iodine, acetic anhydride, methylene chloride, chloroform, ethyl ether, methyl ethyl ketone , potassium permanganate, toluene, etc... 

 Check if your company works with controlled products and consult us on how to obtain the license. 



Initially, the technical process is carried out, which consists of submitting a compilation of your company documents to the Civil Police. After submitting and verifying the documentation, the Civil Police will inspect the company. If everything is within the determined parameters, the establishment's license and certificates for the controlled products will be issued. 


To whom it applies:

Many of the raw materials used in the manufacture of sanitizers, cosmetics, medicines, fertilizers, among others, are products controlled by the Federal Police. Even if the final formulated product is exempt from control, the manufacturer must have the license, as it handles the controlled raw material. 

 What is needed to start the process with the Federal Police? 

1st Check if your products are subjected to Federal Police control. 

 2nd Prepare a dossier with all the necessary documentation for this process. 

 3rd Register and Request the License of your establishment. 

 NOTE: The company must submit a report to the Federal Police on the use of its controlled products. 

 If you will eventually work with controlled products, there is another type of licensing for your company, called SPECIAL LICENSE. 

 What difference does Stone Okamont make in the Federal Police Licensing 

Our differential in the work of Federal Police Licensing is the use of customized methods according to the demands that each client presents. We have experienced specialists who will guide your company in the requirements that must be met to obtain the license, they will evaluate the documentation and assemble the dossier, that is, all the bureaucracy is on our specialists hands. For your company the Bureaucracy is Zero. We take care of the entire Licensing procedure of the Federal Police in an exclusive way, always attentive to legislation updates; optimizing your time and delivering the best service at a fair price. 

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