National and International Auditing

Quando solicitar uma Auditoria?

What is it?

An Audit is a method that analyzes the activities that your company performs, in order to verify if your company's performance is in accordance with current laws, norms and standards of each country.

Pre-audit plan

The pre-audit plan consists in conducting employee training, advising and indicating the correction of processes that do not comply with the necessary requirements, among other activities that will facilitate the correct pursuance of the company.

When should an Audit be requested?

The audit is usually requested to detect the flaws in your company's quality system. This service is important to check the needs of the company.

The audit can be applied in any company to check if the establishment is in accordance with the necessary norms to request the Certification of Good Practices.

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The Stone Okamont Audit covers the areas of:

How can we help?

To promote efficient communication, Stone Okamont conducts external audits to adapt your company to the criteria of international Quality Systems and also to the requirements of brazilian regulatory agencies.

Our mission is to prepare your company and team to receive the International Audit from the brazilian Ministry of agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA). We follow the entire process between the company and the agency, providing the necessary structure to put the required actions into practice.

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