How to regularize large animals?

How to regularize large animals?

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) is the competent body to regulate and supervise the production, trade and use of products auxiliary to animal feed.

The inspection of these requirements has the main objective of guaranteeing the sanitary hygienic conditions of the manufacturing processes until they are made available on the market.

It determines that inspection and inspection must occur throughout the national territory, from production to commercialization. The products will be inspected by the Ministry of Agriculture for industrial, chemical and sanitary hygienic aspects, in industrial plants, warehouses, cooperatives, retailers and other local places in law.

The registration of products and requirements are carried out in accordance with the rules set out in Decree 6.296 / 07 of MAPA, which regulates Law 6.198 / 74. With this, the agents of Organs competent bodies are able to verify the safety and traceability of imported and exported products. Including nutritional foods for pet food, their health and well-being.

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The Establishment Regularization record is sent to the service responsible for the inspection of livestock inputs, at the Federal Superintendence of Agriculture (SFA) of the state where the company is located. MAPA Normative Instruction 04 of 02/23/2007 requires the presentation of at least nine Standard Operating Procedures (POP).

To register your product first, it is essential to assess its classification to find out if registration is required or just the registration of the goods.

Before filing a request for regularization, the establishment, be it a producer, exporter or importer, needs an Establishment Registration with MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply) and SIPEAGRO (Integrated Product and Agricultural Establishment System).

Only places registered with the Ministry of Agriculture will be able to prepare, pack, store and distribute products intended for animal feed. This regulation establishes the rules for inspection and inspection of the production, trade and use of products intended for animal feed. The products can only be produced, packaged and marketed if they are in accordance with the decree, and must be inspected and inspected by the Ministry of Agriculture or accredited agencies in each state.


System used by MAPA to register Agricultural Establishments and Products. Used as a tool to carry out and monitor the Administrative Inspection Processes. Generates basic system reports and issues the certificate of Establishments and Products registered and / or registered by MAPA. It has been in operation since June 2014 and is divided into three modules: establishment, product and inspection.

Technical Responsible

The Technical Responsible (RT) of the companies plays a very important role in fulfilling the tasks within the company. He is the link between government agencies, the company and consumers.

The establishments must have a technically responsible person with higher education so that the activities are compatible with the nature of the product. The responsible technician will be responsible for any infraction committed related to the product and the establishment.

Inspection according to the decree will be carried out in warehouses, ports, airports, factories and any place where animal feed products are located or transit, in addition to inspection of products.

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