How to register nutritional supplement for suckling pig and poultry?

How to register nutritional supplement for suckling pig and poultry?

Nutrition is one of the most important points in breeding for slaughter, because it interferes with the results obtained. The increase in waste production results in the search for new concepts related to animal nutrition.

Among these concepts, we highlight the use of the ideal protein, the injection of nutrients in egg, the feeding of animals in phases and the supplementation of additives such as prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes, herbal extracts and organic minerals in diets. It is essential to pay attention to the use of vitamins, they can be quite advantageous for your business.

Several studies have been done to prove the efficiency of these nutrition practices and many of them conclude that the application of nutritional strategies has a significant potential to reduce nutrient excretion by broilers, besides also having the advantage of reducing production costs.

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What are nutrients?

They are groups of food constituents of specific chemical composition that participate in cellular metabolism, being responsible for the maintenance of animal life. From a nutritional point of view, six groups of nutrients are known: water, carbohydrates (soluble and insoluble), lipids, proteins, vitamins and minerals

How does the use of vitamins work?

The vitamins that are used can be used in two ways.

They can be included directly, or pre-blends, such as  premixes,cores, supplements, and concentrates. In them are mixed all the vitamins that the animal needs.

It is worth remembering that each specific genetic recommends some levels of certain elements and that animals need almost all vitamins at various stages of life, but the concentration varies according to the phase and type of production desired.

What are supplements?

Dietary supplements increase quality of life by supplying the body with important nutrients. They help in improving performance by resetting energy expenditures and enriching the diet with vitamins and minerals.

In feed for poultry, pigs and fish are included products that are not recognized as raw materials, but which perform important functions from a nutritional point of view.

The purpose of these supplements is to contribute to all the needs of the animal within the desired segment. They may be manufactured, marketed and supplied to animals together or separately.

Raw materials in nutritional supplements

The raw materials are also known as ingredients and integrate the rations for birds, pigs and fish in a conventional way, that is, those that normally make up the rations, and the alternatives.

Such as: corn, soybean meal, meat and bone meal, wheat bran, limestone, dicalcium phosphate, oyster flour, crude soybean oil, common salt, fish meal, among others.

Generally, the corn and soybean binomial, and its derivatives, besides participating in a greater amount in the composition of the diets, are also being used in the production of biofuels, which has been increasingly encouraging the use of alternative energy and protein sources in the diets.

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