Miscellaneous License CIVIL POLICE LICENSE

Miscellaneous License

The Civil Police License is necessary when the company sells or handles products, such as: Benzyl Acid, Boric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Formic Acid, Nitric Acid, Barilla, Phosphorus Chloride, Dimethylamine , Sulfur, Phenol, Copper Nitrate, among others, and develops the activities of manufacture, import, export, commercialize, storage, handle and transport. In these cases, it is necessary to obtain a permission for the company and a certificate for each product, that is, both the company and the products must be certified by the civil police. The company license is valid for 1 year and the product licenses are valid for 3 years.



Initially, the technical process is done, which consists of submitting a compilation of your company documents to the Civil Police. After submitting and verifying the documentation, the Civil Police will inspect the company. If everything is within the determined parameters, the establishment's license and certificates for the controlled products will be issued. 

1st: Verify all handled or transported products that may be subjected to Civil Police certification. 

2nd: Prepare the technical dossier that must be submitted to the agency. 

3rd: Receive an inspection by the Civil Police to issue a permit and/or certificate. 

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