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What is it?

The Related Establishment is the company that make national and/or international business in products of animal origin. In order to execute international commercialization, in addition to registration, the establishment must also grant the imposed sanitary requirements. 

Products qualified as a Related Establishment by the brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) have their regulatory processes developed by DIPOA/Ministry of Agriculture.

As we proceed in all steps of the regulatory processes established by DIPOA / Ministry of Agriculture, we also register the products of MAPA Related Establishment.

What is DIPOA?

DIPOA is Animal Origin Products Inspection Department within the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA). This sector is linked to the whole Federation, in the Inspection Service of Animal Origin Products - SIPOA, Animal Health Inspection Service - SISA, Service Inspection of Inputs Fiscalization and Animal Health - SIFISA.

What is RIISPOA?

The brazilian Regulation for the industrial and Sanitary Inspection of Animal Origin Products (RIISPOA) is the regulation, throughout the national territory, that contains the norms of the industrial and sanitary inspection of animal origin.

In general, RIISPOA determines the inspection and fiscalization of animal products, as well as meat, fish, milk, eggs, bee products and their respective derivatives, edible or not.

The animal origin products subjected to inspection by the Animal Products Inspection Division (D.I.P.O.A.) are exempt from prior analysis or approvals to which they are subject by force of federal, state or municipal legislation. That is, the labeling of products of animal origin must include the date of manufacture, expiration date and batch identification. This information is also mentioned as mandatory in IN nº 22/2005.

Establishments registered or listed at the brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) had to adapt to the new provisions contained in Decree No. 9.013, of March 29, 2017, in art. 28, art. 84-A, art. 207-A, art. 207-B, art. 219-A, art. 267 and art. 487 of the Regulation.


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Who does it apply to?

For all establishments that manufacture meat, milk, honey, eggs and other types of food, including storage, inedible and small agribusiness. 

Who qualifies as a Related Establishment (ER)

  • Wholesaler House;
  • Type B Milk Producing Stable;
  • Poultry Farm;
  • Tanerry.

How can we help?

Stone Okamont collects all technical product necessary documentation to obtain registration. After this procedure, the files are sent to the Ministry. If your presence is required, our team will formalize all processes and these will be filed at the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) local unit.

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