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Specialist in Advisory and Consulting in Regulatory Services, together with ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency), Stone Okamont's expertise makes the company ideal for regulating and registering healthcare products and companies in a fast, accurate and simplified manner.

Regulatory advice or consultancy is carried out by a company, specialized in the area, which takes care of the entire process of regularizing products and companies. From the initial stage, which is the Operating License and Authorization of Operating Company, to the Registration of Products and other services.

Stone Okamont is a reference in Regulatory Services! We’re a responsible company and we guarantee the best so that the customer always wins.

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Among the regulatory activities offered by Stone Okamont, are:

  • Product Regulations;
  • Advice on Good Manufacturing Practices (CBPF);
  • Distribution, Federal Authorization for the Operation of the Company (AFE);
  • Health Surveillance Operating License;
  • Regulatory Audit Services, among others.
  • For international projects, we offer services such as: inspection follow-up, Audit, Holder Services (International Product Hosting) and harmonization and preparation of the Quality System along the lines of ANVISA.

We act in a personalized way, using tools and specialized technicians in the area of ​​operation of each company, further optimizing it’s registration process, making it more economical, fast, with customized and simplified service using the Zero Bureaucracy method.

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