How to register meat products on MAPA?

How to register meat products on MAPA?

Do you know what’t takes to regularize products at the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply? It’s essential that every product goes through due regularization with the responsible regulatory body.

With meat, it would be no different. The food’s consumed worldwide and the demand for this product’s still very high. We consider meat products those that aren’t produced in industries, that’s, all stages of production are carried out by one person.

To register handmade meat products, it’s necessary to register and register the product with MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply).

Before we start registering your product, it’s necessary that your establishment’s in accordance with the tracking of products that it’ll: produce, market, distribute, import or store according to the relevant IN (Normative Instruction).

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Establishment registration with MAPA

The Establishment Registration with MAPA’s the necessary regulation for your company to carry out it’s work activities.

Therefore, before registering a product, it’s necessary that the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply grant the Establishment Registration, proving that the company operates within the standards of it’s specific function.

 How to register product of animal origin?

After the establishment has obtained the title of the registration, with SIF number, you can start the Product Registration. The labeling registration processes is carried out by governing a platform, used to perform the registration of products of animal origin and establishments registered with the Federal Inspection Service (SIF).

Product Registration

All products delivered to trade must be identified by means of registered labels. It’s up to the registered company, or qualified, to comply with the current legislation, as well, as compliance with the registration of this product.

In the case of meat products, the registration’s made by the SIF.  The registration title in the SIF means that your company has a manufacture of products of high-quality animal origin, with hygienic and technological measures that don’t pose risks to the consumer.

What’s the importance of the MAPA’s Good Practice System?

The MAPA’s Good Practice System’s directed to any establishment that should be regularized with the Ministry, be it manufacturer, distributor or commercial establishment.

Our area of expertise covers the design and adequacy of the Good Practices Manual, examining the procedures, work guidelines, records, forms and qualification of all employees included in the system.

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