Learn how to register milk on MAPA

Learn how to register milk on MAPA

The process of legalizing milk can require a lot of technical knowledge. Therefore, Stone Okamont brings a content that will guide you how to register milk in MAPA.

Milk is an important food in human nutrition, which makes its demand in the market very strong. However, it is important that your company and product are fully regularized in the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply for its commercialization.

Stone Okamont is a regulatory consulting and advisory firm that offers smart and effective solutions for your milk registration on MAPA! Check out how our consultants can help!

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What is milk for MAPA?

Mapa defines milk as the product from complete milking without interruption, taking into account the proper hygiene conditions of healthy, rested and well-fed animals.

However, to register milk in MAPA, you must first regularize your company.

Establishment Registration for milk in MAPA

In addition to being able to register milk in MAPA, you must first license your company in the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply.

In this way, an Establishment Registration will be required for the establishment that wishes to produce milk.

The process covers many technical standards, but Stone Okamont has experience in mapa's regulatory paths and is ready to help you obtain your establishment registration and then perform milk registration on MAPA!

What is the validity of the Milk Establishment Registry in MAPA?

The validity of the Establishment Registry in the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply is ten years, having legitimacy throughout Brazil.

If there is any change in the legislation regulating registration, the appropriate changes must be made within the time stipulated by the regulatory body.

How to register milk in MAPA?

After the situation of your company has been regularized, you can start the procedure to register milk in mapa.

Registration is done electronically, on the portal of the regulatory body. Technical and nutritional information of the milk is necessary to make the registration request. There are a few examples:

  • I – Milk must be free of strange flavors and adhering;
  • II - No additive or adjuvant is permitted;
  • III – Its appearance must be of an opalescent and homogeneous white liquid.

Understanding and gathering all product information can be a difficult task. Meanwhile, Stone Okamont has expert advisors!

Updated in the most diverse demands of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, we are ready to help you register milk in MAPA!

Do I need to renew the milk registration in mapa?

After registering milk in mapa, it will be necessary to renew it only every ten years.

Registration is valid throughout Brazil and must undergo the necessary changes when there is a change in the legislation that regulates it.

SIF seal to register milk on MAPA

The Federal Inspection Service, also known as SIF, is the system that oversees and ensures the quality of products of animal origin, edible or not.

For the marketing of milk, the product must undergo inspection and receive the SIF quality seal on its label.

SIF is very important! If your product does not have the seal of approval, it should not be marketed.

Milk Registration in MAPA with Zero Bureaucracy

Stone Okamont has more than 30 years of experience in the regulatory pathways of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply.

With a personalized service, we understand the need for each process and offer extraordinary solutions for you to register milk in MAPA with Zero Bureaucracy!

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