How to register honey on the MAPA


Many do not know, but every animal product must be regularized in the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply. The whole procedure of how to register honey on MAPA can be complicated for people who are not used to regulatory means.

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What is honey?

Honey is the basis of beekeeping, and its production can be destined to food, manufacture of medicines or cosmetics.

In Brazil, all bees found in nature are crossbreeds(polyhybrid called africanized bee) between European and African breeds. Beekeeping is the activity of rational breeding of bees of the genus  Apis. The main destinations of Brazilian honey are the American and European markets.

However, it is important that your product is regularized in MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply) for its commercialization.

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Do I need the Establishment Registry before registering honey on MAPA?

Before starting the necessary procedure to register honey in MAPA, it is essential that your establishment is also registered with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply.

There are two types of establishments that operate with the honey product, which are:

I – Apiary: this establishment is intended for the production, classification, extraction, storage and industrialization of honey. Its location must be in the rural area, since they have hives for the manufacture of the product.

II - Honey Warehouse: It is the establishment that is intended for the receipt, classification and industrialization of honey. Its location can be in rural or urban area.

After your establishment is properly registered, you can start the necessary procedure to register honey on MAPA!

What is the validity of the Registration of Establishment in MAPA?

The Registration of Establishment in mapa must be renewed every 10 years, being valid throughout the national territory.

If there are changes in the legislation regulating registration, the appropriate changes must be made within the deadline stipulated by the regulatory body.

How to register honey on MAPA?

There are several ways to register honey on MAPA, according to the characteristics of the product. Check out some of the ways to market honey:

I – Register Honey bees: product in its natural form. It can be obtained by  pressing or even undergo processing techniques such as heating.

II - Register honey bees in combs or with combs: for this production, strict rules established by the SIF must be obeyed. Combs should be: clean, clear, larvae-free, operculated  and first-use.

III – Register honey from bees with Royal Jelly: Royal Jelly must have a minimum ratio of 0.2% when added to honey. The company must declare monthly purchased quantity of royal jelly as raw material.

Although there are many rules for registering honey in MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply), Stone Okamont  has knowledge allied to the largest authorities in regulatory affairs!

Should the honey record on MAPA also be renewed?

Like the Establishment Registry, the honey registration in MAPA is valid for 10 years.

If the legislation that regulates it is amended, the company must provide the appropriate changes in the registration.


The marketing of honey can be made for the national or international market. Honey intended for the domestic market can be sold fractionated in pots, tubes or plastic or glass bottles.

How to find true honey?

In recent years the consumption of natural and healthy products has shown considerable growth, which justifies the record in the increase in the production and export of honey and derivatives by the bee keeping sector.

As honey is the product resulting from the action of the salivary enzymes of bees on the nectar of flowers, it is considered a product of animal origin and therefore should be inspected by a veterinarian.

Thus, the body responsible for coordinating the regulation of the production of bee products and for ensuring their safety is the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA).

Do I need SIF to register honey on MAPA?

SIF is the acronym used for Federal Inspection Service. He is responsible for supervising and ensuring the quality of animal products, being edible or not.

This means that, in order to market and register honey on MAPA, the product must undergo inspection and receive the SIF seal of approval on its label.

If any establishment is caught marketing their honey without the SIF seal, it can be autuado.

Therefore, without your approval, it is not allowed to market honey! The approved product has the SIF seal on its label.

How to register honey on MAPA with excellence?

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The best method to register honey on MAPA

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