How to obtain the registration title in the SIF

How to obtain the registration title in the SIF

Stone Okamont has prepared an explanatory article that will answer all your questions about how to register your company and products on MAPA and obtain the registration title at SIF. Check it out!

Registering products of animal origin in competent agencies may not be an easy task for people who are not used to dealing with bureaucracy. There are many details that must be followed so that everything is regularized, and obtaining the registration title at SIF is a necessary step!

The task may not be the easiest of all, but registering your company with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) and obtaining the SIF registration title are guarantees of quality that only bring benefits to your business.

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What is SIF?

If the product that your company wants to register is of animal origin, edible or not edible, then it will be subject to the legislation imposed by DIPOA, which is nothing more than a specific organ within MAPA itself.

DIPOA is the Department of Inspection of Products of Animal Origin, with the Federal Inspection Service (SIF) being responsible for overseeing the imposed rules.

By correctly following all the guidelines and registering your product of animal origin, it will be possible to obtain the registration title in the SIF and use the seal on the labeling.

What are the benefits of obtaining the SIF registration title?

The registration title at SIF means that your company has a high quality manufacturing of animal products, with hygienic and technological measures that do not pose risks to the consumer.

Without SIF approval, it is not possible to sell this type of product, either in the national territory or even for export.

 Next, we will talk about the necessary steps in the process of obtaining a registration title at SIF.

How to obtain the registration title in the SIF?

Before we start the registration of the animal product and obtain the registration title in the SIF, it is necessary to register the establishment.

 For this, the following steps are performed:

I- Deposit, by the establishment, of the required documentation, under the terms of the provisions of the complementary rules;

II - Evaluation and approval, by the inspection, of the documentation deposited by the establishment;

III - on-site inspection of the built establishment, with the issuing of a conclusive opinion in a report prepared by the Federal Agricultural Auditor with a background in Veterinary Medicine;

IV - Concession of the establishment's registration or relationship.

After completing your establishment registration, your company will be able to register the product of animal origin.

Registering an establishment with MAPA can be a difficult task, as much attention is required with the required details. But do not worry!

Stone Okamont has the best experts in regulatory affairs at the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply. Our team is ready to help you!

What is the validity period for the establishment registration?

As it is a constant evaluation process, there is no pre-stipulated validity period. Each company will receive this assessment according to the establishment's conformities, being:

  • Monthly;
  • Bimonthly;
  • Semiannual;
  • Yearly.

If there are changes in the legislation that regulates the registration, the necessary changes must be made within the period stipulated by the regulatory agency.

Which products should be registered with SIF?

After your establishment is duly registered, the company is allowed to start the process of obtaining the registration title at SIF.

Products of animal origin, edible or not, must be registered.

Some examples are: dulce de leche, bacon, meat, fish, among others.

It will be necessary to prepare a technical process containing information and data regarding the characteristics of the product.

When validated, the product is registered and receives the registration title at SIF, which guarantees its quality.

The SIF is commonly known by the seal, present in products that are properly regularized.

What is the best way to obtain the registration title in the SIF?

Stone Okamont has years of experience in the field of regulatory affairs for the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply. Our highly specialized professionals are ready to assist you and your company in obtaining the SIF registration title.

Our goal is to optimize your time and avoid unnecessary expenses! We make your life easier and transform all the bureaucracy into small details.

Contact us, request a quote and start the process now to obtain the registration title at SIF!

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