Regularization of products in the Ministry of Agriculture

Regularization of products in the Ministry of Agriculture

Do you know what it takes to regularize products at the Ministry of Agriculture? When you are bringing your products to Brazil, it is essential that they undergo the proper regularization with the responsible regulatory agency. Products for agriculture, livestock and supply are regulated by MAPA - Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply.

In this content we will explain in a broad way the processes necessary for regularization of products in the Ministry of Agriculture, when you are bringing your products to Brazil.

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Initially, we made it clear that some products submitted to MAPA must also be submitted to Anvisa - National Health Surveillance Agency and IBAMA - Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources. In some cases, it is necessary to check the possible damage that the product in question can cause to human health and its environmental impact.

In order to sell your products in Brazil, it is necessary to establish a physical company, and from there to seek the regularization of products in the Ministry of Agriculture.

That done, it is necessary to adapt the establishment according to the category of products that the company will: produce, sell, distribute, import or store in accordance with the pertinent IN (normative instruction).

From these defined questions, it is possible to start regularizing the company, and then start regularizing products at the Ministry of Agriculture. The company's regulation must be done according to the activity that the company will perform: production, storage and etc. Do you want to know more about MAPA establishment? Click> Company License.

Along with the establishment regularization, it is necessary to insert the Good Practice System. The good practice system is also in consonance with the activity performed by the company. Good practices are principles and standards for the activity that involves the product, for example: If the company requests a license for a producer establishment, it will need Good Manufacturing Practices, so it is necessary to apply the standards and principles in the product manufacturing processes. 

After the company's regulation, it is finally possible to start the product registration in the Ministry of Agriculture. In this stage, MAPA will define the classification of your product according to the category that it fits. After that, there is the presentation of information about the product, such as: composition, harvest, toxicity tests, reports and etc. The information requested is related to product classification: food, pesticides, cosmetics, etc. 

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