Company License

Company License

We help you obtain a company license from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply (MAPA). With ZERO BUREAUCRACY in mind, we develop optimized and customized service, which is extended to all sectors served by Stone Okamont.

Who must obtain a MAPA License?

Companies and merchandise related to agribusiness, the veterinary market, beverages, wines, and vinegars must be regularized by MAPA before selling their products. This specification encompasses all functions related to production, storage, distribution, import, and export.

MAPA Company License advisory and consultancy services

Stone Okamont handles your company’s entire regularization procedure in a customized fashion. Depending on your company’s segment, MAPA may require different procedures in order to obtain a license, and these customized application procedures make the licensing process more proactive and efficient.

Distributing Establishment and Commercial Establishment

We have a large technical staff that can exercise functions in all ministerial areas. This allows us to effectively plan and follow up on the MAPA licensing stages and procedures, further favoring your company’s regularization. Obtaining a license allows your company to request product registration.

Exporting Establishment and Importing Establishment

First, we request your company’s documentation; if required, we make all the arrangements for the production of a technical assessment report. In this way, we follow your company throughout the process of obtaining its MAPA Company License.

MAPA Import Certificate

Importing of merchandise regulated by MAPA is only possible for a company that has a MAPA Import Certificate.

Stone Okamont fully assists import companies, whether with the production of documents between regulatory agencies in both countries, or obtaining a legalized translation.

How to obtain a MAPA-issued Export Certificate

Stone Okamont formulates all the terms and documentation necessary to reduce the bureaucracy in the process for obtaining a MAPA Export Certificate.

Producing Unit and Storage Establishment

Stone Okamont provides all the documentation required by MAPA, including implementation, approval and certification of the Quality and Good Practices System, afterwards compiling it and delivering it for approval.


In the pre-audit service, we observe whether the company conforms to the Good Practices Manual and assist during the MAPA inspection, performing customized and specific service for each case. At the end of this phase, the Company License is issued.

MAPA License Renewal

Depending on the products sold by your company, the Company License must be renewed. Stone Okamont also offers MAPA License renewal service, simplifying requirements and bureaucracy, intent on optimizing your time and reducing expenses.

Related Establishment and Producing Unit of Products of Animal Origin

Manufacturers of products of animal origin need a Company License linked to the Federal Inspection Service (SIF). However, manufacturers of related products must have a Company License with the Department of Animal Origin Products Inspection (DIPOA)/MAPA.

Since both of these procedures differ from others, Stone Okamont provides advisory and consultancy services for obtaining the Company License in both situations, taking into account the requirements for each.

Related Establishment

In addition to ensuring that the entire infrastructure conforms with the requirements for obtaining a Company License of Related Establishment linked to MAPA, we also develop all documentation, from start to finish.

We obtain the MAPA Registration and request company registration in order to obtain the license.

Related Establishment Company License Renewal

Licenses for registered companies are valid for five years, or until changes are made to operating processes. We provide Related Establishment license renewal services for MAPA, saving time and providing support for manufacturers and related product companies.

Producing Unit of Products of Animal Origin

We organize all phases of the regularization process, from physical structure to the MAPA license request procedure, in a customized fashion, to facilitate obtaining the SIF Company License. With the license in hand, your company is able to register its products with SIF/DIPOA.

Producing Unit of Products of Animal Origin License Renewal

Stone Okamont performs the entire Establishment License renewal procedure with SIF/DIPOA, from documentation to infrastructure organization. This ensures effectiveness and provides peace of mind to manufacturers and companies. All establishments possessing MAPA-linked licenses must renew them every five years. Also, in case of changes, DIPOA must be informed.

Company Licence

Company Licence

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