How to register animal semen sexing laboratory in MAPA?

How to register animal semen sexing laboratory in MAPA?

Registration with MAPA is a necessary regularization for an animal semen sexing laboratory to carry out its activities.

To register an establishment or product with MAPA, specific rules and steps must be followed, which are described in normative instructions and are determined according to the activity to be carried out.

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To obtain the registration of the Animal Semen Sexing Laboratory, some documents are required. Follow our blog below and ask your questions.


What is the importance of an animal semen sexing laboratory?

Animal Semen Sexing Laboratories are companies that perform semen processing to separate sperm that have X chromosomes from sperm that have Y chromosomes, in order to maximize animal production and enable genetic evolution between generations.


Registration of establishment with MAPA

Animal semen sexing laboratory registration with MAPA is the necessary regulation for your company to be able to carry out this activity and proves that the company acts within the rules of its specific function, as well as meets physical and operational requirements related to the quality system. For this process, it will be necessary to present some documents with the Federal Superintendence of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (SFA), such as CNPJ card, social contract, floor plan of the building, among others. After registration, the laboratory must send monthly reports to the body informing about the activities carried out in that period.

The Registration of Animal Semen Sexing Laboratory with MAPA follows specific regulations of the area of ​​activity, that is, each specific activity receives a specific regulation.


How to obtain the Animal Semen Sexing Laboratory Registration?

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