Product Registration

Product Registration

Stone Okamont operates as an intermediary between the company and the Ministry, providing advisory and consultancy services for Product Registration linked to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply (MAPA). We facilitate the entire procedure in a customized fashion for each type of product.

We handle the necessary documentation, from the time that Product Registration is requested to the development of necessary reports for the production of labels. We also produce a technical portfolio for analysis by MAPA.

List of products requiring MAPA registration

  • Products of plant origin;
  • Beverages, wines, and vinegars;
  • Fertilizers, inoculants, and correctives;
  • Additives intended for animal feed (acidifiers, preservatives, coloring, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, etc.);
  • Products intended for animal feed;
  • All chemical, biological, biotechnological, or manufactures substances, to be used individually or collectively, either directly or indirectly mixed in food, designed for the prevention, diagnosis, cure or treatment of animal diseases;
  • Additives, supplements, production enhancers, antiseptics, disinfectants of environmental use or in livestock installations, and pesticides;
  • All products that, when applied to animals or their habitats, protect, restore or modify organic and physiological functions, as well as products designed for animal hygiene and beautification;
  • Pharmaceutical chemicals.

Stone Okamont assists companies with the acquisition of this registration since products of animal origin and related establishment products are processed differently. Our professionals are highly qualified to optimize the performance of regulation processes for products linked to MAPA.

 MAPA Product Registration Renewal

Stone Okamont produces all of the technical documentation for license renewal for Related Establishment products, which is required every five years.

Product Regulation

Product Regulation

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