What is the Zero Bureaucracy Method?

What is the Zero Bureaucracy Method?

Stone Okamont created the method from its experience in the market

The Zero Bureaucracy method was created by Stone Okamont to make regulatory processes simple and affordable, reducing expenses and streamlining the time for each procedure.

How does this happen?

With a team of more than 25 years of experience, Stone Okamont provides in-depth knowledge in the field, knowing the best methods and ways to achieve the objective of the contracting company.

The process requires many documents, visits, details, protocols, and revisions, and any errors or incomplete information nullify the procedure, and then you have to start all over again.

When starting over again, fee payments should also be redone, often doubling or tripling expenses.

And that's where Stone Okamont comes in. With know-how and trained staff, it takes care of every detail and every bureaucracy, presenting the contractor with a much simpler, economical and error-free scenario.

The Zero Bureaucracy method is ideal for those who want results with excellence, speed, quality and reliability.

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