How to register butter in Brazil

How to register butter in Brazil

Butter is defined by MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply) as: greasy product obtained exclusively from pasteurized cow's milk cream with or without biological modification through the tapping and kneading process. Being made up solely of milk fat.

MAPA is the Brazilian ministry responsible for regulating products related to: agriculture, fishing, livestock, veterinary medicines and others.

Butter is a product that requires the regularization of MAPA to be commercialized, but in addition, as it is a product of animal origin, there are more steps to be fulfilled in this regulatory process.

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Product classification - MAPA

To register butter in Brazil it is essential to have knowledge of its classification in the MAPA. Butter falls into the dairy category and is subject to registration, as are all products of animal origin.

Do I need to regularize my company to register butter in Brazil?

The regularization of the company is a fundamental step to register butter in Brazil. Initially, it is necessary for the company to establish in Brazil a physical location suitable to the MAPA standards to carry out the intended activity.

Registration of Establishment with MAPA. is requested according to the activity performed by the company, such as: Manufacturing, distribution, storage and etc. To manufacture and subsequently register butter in Brazil it is necessary to obtain the PE: Producing Establishment. With this regularization, your company is able to manufacture, store and distribute. These categories are understood together with the Producing Establishment. Unlike requesting regularization of SE: Storage Establishment, which is limited to the selected activity only. 

Implementation of the quality system

Implementing the quality system is indispensable for registering butter in Brazil. The Implementation of the quality system is a series of norms and rules established by MAPA regarding each process that involves the product, always aiming to achieve a superior quality to serve the final consumer. 

What does it take to register butter in Brazil?

To register butter in Brazil, it is necessary to submit to the Animal product registration MAPA tests of the matter (final product), in order to ensure that there was no contamination or addition of products not allowed for the product category. In addition, information such as: labeling, composition, nutritional information and others will be requested.

Moreover, to register butter in Brazil, it is mandatory to obtain the SIF (Federal Inspection Service) seal responsible for assessing the quality of products of animal origin, whether edible or not.

In the case of dairy products, the inspection of the SIF is entirely carried out by DIPOA (Division of Inspection of Products of Animal Origin), which is the division that operates with edible products, such as: Honey houses, dairy products, slaughter of cattle, poultry and others. 

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