Animal Origin Product Registration – Federal Inspection Service (SIF)

Animal Origin Product Registration – Federal Inspection Service (SIF)

Our team includes experienced technical staff who are experts on regulatory information. So Stone Okamont’s advisory and consultancy service for obtaining product registration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) is carried out in an optimized, customized, and effective way for our clients, saving time and expense.

What is SIF?

It is the Federal Inspection Service. It is responsible for ensuring the quality of products of animal origin sold nationally and internationally, whether edible or not. All SIF services are supported by the Department of Animal Origin Products Inspection (DIPOA) of MAPA. 

How can we help?

SIF Product Registration

We assist with the entire document selection process and support the company in designing the laboratory structure, as well as labeling. When needed, pre-audit and technical support are performed during a SIF inspection.

MAPA Product Registration Renewal

Stone Okamont advises your company and processes all the technical documentation required for your product registration renewal, bearing in mind that it expires after five years.

Animal Origin Product Registration

Animal Origin Product Registration

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