Good Practices System Implementation

Good Practices System Implementation

Stone Okamont prioritizes professionals who are highly aligned with market demands, whether technical or holistic, and are able to implement and/or standardize the Good Practices System as required by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA).

Our staff is skilled at developing quality systems and creating quality manuals based on good practices. In addition, during implementation and correctional audits, we point out what must be perfected in the entire quality system by means of reports.

Our operation takes place jointly with the company, so we can implement an action plan and address all observed non-conformities.

What is the importance of the Good Practices System?

To obtain a MAPA company license, it is indispensable to establish a Good Practices System. This is required for any establishment wishing to regularize with the Ministry, whether a manufacturer, distributor or commercial establishment.

Adjustment of Good Manufacturing Practices

It is essential to adjust the system once it has been implemented. Stone Okamont assesses this aspect, and together with the company, we align the fundamental adjustments with MAPA requirements in order to obtain a MAPA License.


We develop an action plan that includes all the procedures necessary to effectively implement and adjust the quality system, as well as the coordination of work groups.


We nurture and assess the performance of all professionals involved in the process, with the purpose of establishing the sustainability and maintenance of the quality system, in order to obtain a MAPA License.

Creation of the quality system

Stone Okamont prioritizes the demands of your company. With that in mind, we also offer advice about establishing documentation and physical systems. Our area of activity encompasses the development and adequacy of your Good Practices manual. We examine procedures, work guidance, registers, forms and qualification of all the workers included in the system.

Good Practices System Implementation

Good Practices System Implementation

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