3 reasons to take your products to Brazil

3 reasons to take your products to Brazil

In doubt about taking your products to Brazil? Are you worried about the bureaucracy to carry out such action? In this content we bring you 3 reasons why taking your products to Brazil will be a great investment. Check it out!

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1) SELLS! - Increase in number of sales: Taking your products to Brazil will lead your company to exponential sales growth! Did you know that the Brazilian people are one of the biggest consumers in the world?

2) Gain competitive advantage: Unlike what many people think, the competitive advantage is not in operational efficiency, being able to offer great products at an affordable price. In fact, efficiency is a differential, but the competitive advantage goes further. Selling ​​products where your competition does not reach, expand business to other countries.

3) Proven quality: Did you know that the National Health Surveillance Agency - Anvisa is one of the most discerning agencies to regulate companies and products in the world? Selling products in Brazil means that you went through a regularization process by Anvisa, with safety and effectiveness tests. The acceptance of your product in other countries will be greater besides that the majority of the countries accept the tests made without the need to redo them.

Anvisa regularization processes include:

Operating License with the Local Health Surveillance - VISA. In this initial stage, definitions, adjustments and inspections occur;

Operating permits with Anvisa. This process consists of a physical compilation of documents protocoled in Brasília;

• Risk classification and necessity to obtain a Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices - CBPF. The classification ranges from 1 to 4, with 1 being the lowest and 4 being the highest. CGMP is required for companies with products with a risk class from 3. Good Manufacturing Practices is a set of rules that includes all the processes that the product goes through;

Product registration. In this final process, information, reports and tests about the product are presented.

If establishing a company in Brazil is not your wish at the moment, but taking your products to Brazil is interesting, you can choose for the Holder service! This service you can host your products at Stone Okamont, which already has the necessary licenses, requiring only the product registration process, in addition, with this service you have complete freedom to choose your distributors and the quantity you want to keep.

Great reasons, isn't it? But is bureaucracy still a barrier? Worried that your regularization would be with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply - MAPA? You can take your products to Brazil without concern, Stone Okamont will assist you in all the processes necessary for the establishment of a company, whether your product is subject to MAPA or Anvisa.

Go ahead! Take your products to Brazil and always count on Stone Okamont to provide all the necessary support.

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