Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate - CBPF

Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate - CBPF

The Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (ANVISA) requires a Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate for certain products because it is one of the world’s most refined parameters. This Certificate will ensure that your company experiences more reliable trade, easily expanding your distribution.

Which products are required to have a Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate?

This requirement is based on the risk assessment of your product. Products with risk classifications III and IV must be certified by ANVISA.

How can we help?

With personalized service, Stone Okamont assesses your company’s needs from the very beginning. A professional is assigned to your case who is able to precisely deliver a solution that responds to your requests. This simplifies every stage of the quality system implementation process and the acquisition of a Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate with ANVISA.

Stone Okamont develops, adjusts and implements all the necessary procedures, records, forms and manuals for the good performance of your quality system to obtain ANVISA’s Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate (CBPF).

Quality system standardization for ANVISA CBPF certification

Although many companies have quality systems, many of those systems do not conform with existing ANVISA rules. Once your systems are compatible with the rules, Stone Okamont develops an execution plan to identify all of your company’s requirements. We work with ANVISA and help you improve your quality systems and guide you as you follow through on your application for the Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate.

Quality system implementation

In cases where the only issue is that the company has not implemented a quality system, Stone Okamont provides all the necessary advice for developing one. Our initial analysis identifies the actions that need to be taken in a dynamic and assertive manner, leveraging implementation and maintenance of the system in the long term. 

Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate - CBPF

Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate - CBPF

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