Holder Service

Holder Service

This service is essential for foreign companies wishing to conform with The Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (ANVISA), which is the world’s most modern regulation system. A union between Stone Okamont’s 25 years of experience and a company looking to reach its public through the market’s most sophisticated regulatory model can only lead to successful action.

 Why choose a Holder Service?

A company is only allowed to participate in the Brazilian market if it has an Operating License with a Local Health Surveillance Agency (VISA) and an Operating Permit (AFE), as required by Brazilian legislation. There are three possible ways to legalize your product within Brazil:

  1. Through a legalized distributor.
  2. By creating a corporation in Brazil with all the required licenses and authorizations.
  3. Through a Brazilian Holder Service (BRH).

As a strategic form of legalization, International Product Hosting can facilitate the regulatory processes for a company and its products, since the BRH already has all the necessary licenses and authorizations needed to immediately begin the registration processes and arrange use by the enterprise.

Some of the benefits of using a Holder Service

Time optimization

Imagine cutting the time needed in half and still being able to profit from doing business in Brazil.

This is just one of the benefits offered by a Brazilian Holder Service (BRH). It would take about a year and a half for your company to become legally operational in Brazil. However, choosing a Holder can reduce that time to just four months.

Freedom to choose your distributors

Your company will be in full control of registration, enabling freedom of choice regarding distributors.

Cost reduction

Your company will profit by being exempt from startup and maintenance costs, as well as rentals, wages, telephone fees, and other corporate organizational expenses.

Why is Stone Okamont the BEST choice?

Our highly qualified team is at your disposal for various regulatory subjects regarding autonomous Brazilian institutions. We also have Local Operating Licenses and Operating Permits (AFE), enabling the legalization of all your merchandise with ANVISA.

Which products can be registered using Stone Okamont’s Brazilian Registration Holder (BRH) service?

  • Cosmetics, hygiene products, and perfumes;
  • Health products, materials, and equipment;
  • In-vitro usage diagnostics;
  • Foods;
  • Sanitizing products;
  • Household cleaning products.

Should your company require ANVISA’s Good Manufacturing Practices Certification (CBPF) for products with risk classification III and IV, Stone Okamont’s team includes qualified professionals with international experience who are ready assist your company and ensure that your quality system fits within the Brazilian system.

Holder Service

Holder Service

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