How to Regularize an Organic Product with MAPA?


If you are involved in the production or commercialization of organic products in Brazil, you know that regularization with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply (MAPA) is essential to ensure compliance with standards and consumer trust. In this blog, we will explore step by step how to regularize an organic product with MAPA, highlighting the requirements, benefits, and common challenges faced by producers and businessman in this process.


What you will find in this blog:

Understand the Basic Requirements

The first step to regularize an organic product is to understand the requirements established by MAPA. This includes following the guidelines of the Brazilian Organic Conformity Assessment System (SisOrg), which defines standards for the production, certification, and labeling of organic products.

Complete and Accurate Documentation

The preparation of complete and accurate documentation is essential for the regularization process. This includes application forms, production records, compliance statements, and other documents necessary to prove compliance with organic practices.

Inspection and Audit

The next step involves conducting inspections and audits at your facilities. An accredited representative will visit your property to assess whether production practices comply with established standards.

Submission of the Request to MAPA

With certification in hand, you can submit the regularization request to MAPA. Make sure to include all necessary documentation and wait for the regulatory agency's assessment.

Compliance with Deadlines and Monitoring

MAPA has established deadlines for the analysis of requests. During this period, it is crucial to monitor the progress of the process and promptly respond to any requests for additional information that may arise.

Benefits of Regularization with MAPA

The regularization of organic products with MAPA offers a range of benefits for both producers and consumers. Certification provides credibility to your product, increasing consumer confidence in its origin and sustainable practices adopted. Additionally, participation in the certified organic products market opens up new business opportunities, both nationally and internationally.

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