Audits to regulate companies with MAPA

Audits to regulate companies with MAPA

Conducting an audit in your company offers several benefits. It allows the visibility of aspects that sometimes do not receive the attention they deserve, even though they are of great importance in the procedures performed in the company or industry.

Understanding the operation and role of each item and sector helps in the organization, growth and even in the management of the company.

An audit performed by Stone Okamont can score nonconformities, which can be improved, optimized and organized, so that the company achieves its level of excellence and effectiveness and has no problems in obtaining the approval of a Primary Certification Agency (OCP) or regulatory agency.

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The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply - MAPA

The implementation of a Quality System is essential for any regulated establishment within the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA).

In addition to the Quality System, some types of establishments also require a Certification of Good Practices.

Quality System and Certification of Good Practices

The Quality System is a set of manuals, procedures and records that establish parameters that must be followed by the company to ensure that all processes follow the quality prerogatives required by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply or any other agency that company is subject.

The Quality System establishes standards that optimize the operation of the company, bringing benefits. All creation of this documentation is established according to the operation of the company and with the regulations of the related regulatory agencies.

The Good Practices is due to a Quality System created for the company, which follows internal norms and, mainly, the legislation of its area of operation.

And some types of establishments need a Certification of Good Practices so they can regulate your company and your product.

The Certification of Good Practices with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) can be done by MAPA itself or in some cases by a Primary Certification Agency (OCP).

How the Stone Okamont Audit Helps Such Processes

Stone Okamont offers audits that have much more functions than organizing the company and optimizing its operation.

Its function is to present the nonconformities and offer solutions and improvements, so that the changes are made and a functional and operational Quality System is achieved.

As with all of its market expertise, Stone Okamont offers pre-audits, which are essential for establishments that require certificates from an OCP or from the MAPA itself.

The certification agencies are very careful and any error or non-compliance can cause the company to lose the whole certification process, consequently delaying its regulation, in addition to increasing the expenses within the processes.

The Stone Okamont Solution

The solution offered by Stone Okamont is to perform an audit, focused on the area of activity of the company, type of establishment, following the current legislation, the necessary regulations and the standards of the certifying body.

This audit has the function of reorganizing and punctuating all necessary and preventive changes and corrections, assisting in the resolution of all the applied scores, preparing the company to receive the OCP or MAPA and obtain its certification.

Zero Bureaucracy at Stone Okamont Audits

Stone Okamont conducts such processes following its Zero Bureaucracy method. It deals with all procedural bureaucracy, delivering agile, simple results with integrated solutions and enhancements.

All of this, while preventing the company from spending money and time doing the processes several times.

Stone Okamont's knowledge and practice are essential for delivering an audit with the highest level of excellence.

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