How to register organic food in MAPA?


Organic products are food manufactured without any kind of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, that’s, are grown in natural fertilizers which’ll provide many nutrients to the ground.

After that, the plants will use these nutrients to get the best growth. Organic agriculture uses soil and water preservation techniques to better use the vitamins of natural fertilizers. 

In addition to vegetables, vegetables and fruits, the list of organic foods now includes animal products such as: meat, eggs, milk, alcoholic beverages and even cosmetics.

The fame of organics is recurrent because of the taste, texture, durability and etc; of the products. A product is only considered organic if it meets all the requirements set by MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply).

For the commercialization of organic foods, it’s necessary that your company is registered with MAPA. Stone Okamont is ready to assist you in this process, request a quote below.

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Establishment registration with MAPA

The Establishment Registration with MAPA is the necessary regulation for your company to carry out its work activities.

Therefore, before registering a product, it’s necessary that the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply grant the Establishment Registration, proving that the company operates within the standards of it’s specific function. 

Product Registration

All products delivered to trade must be identified by means of registered labels. It’s up to the registered company, or qualified, to comply with the current legislation, as well, as compliance with the registration of this product.

In the case of organic foods, certification’s carried out through an audit or through the Platform of the Participatory Systems of Quality AssuranceOrganic. Every organic product before being made available for consumption requires registration with MAPA.

MAPA Audit

Our Audit aims to constantly improve the Quality System, promoting the necessary maintenance to provide benefits that optimize certification and make it more accessible.

By conducting an  Audit during the development of the process of regularization of companies with the Brazilian institutions MAPA,  ANVISA  and  INMETRO, we can previously determine whether the standards in force are inaccordance with the current Quality System. 

Quality System

The Quality System is a set of manuals, procedures and records that establish parameters that must be followed by the company, to ensure that all processes follow the quality prerogatives required by the Ministry of Health, or any other agency that the company’s subject to.

It sets standards that optimize the operation of the company. All the creation of this documentation’s established according to the operation of the company and the standards of the related regulatory bodies.

Good Practice System

The Mapa Good Practice System’s directed to any establishment that should be regularized with the Ministry, be it manufacturer, distributor or commercial establishment.

Our area of expertise covers the design and adequacy of the Good Practices Manual, examining the procedures, work guidelines, records, forms and qualification of all employees included in the system. 

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