How to register product of animal origin


The Breeding Establishment of Animal Origin is one of the offices used by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) to classify and segment the types of establishments that must go through the licensing and registration process.

These offices tend to simplify such processes by bringing together, in groups, products and establishments that respond to specific standards and types of supervision.

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Registration of product of animal origin

The animal product registration process follows the same product registration standards that are not of animal origin. This means that it is necessary to develop technical design, proper labeling, instructions for use and consumption (if necessary), a technical dossier and other information and data, making this process appreciated by MAPA and the department to which it is subject.

However, because it involves products for human and animal use, this classification is subject to the Federal Integrated Service (SIF).

What is the Federal Inspection Service - SIF

SIF is the Federal Inspection Service and is responsible for ensuring the quality of animal products that are sold nationally and internationally, being edible or not. All SIF services are assisted by the Department of Inspection of Animal Products (DIPOA) of the Ministry of Agriculture

It is then included any product intended for human consumption, either directly or indirectly. There are several products, but we can exemplify this coverage with: sweet milk, bacon, meat, feed for cattle or poultry, medicines for large animals, among others.

Upon being validated, the product receives a SIF seal, which guarantees the quality of the product.

Department of Inspection of Products of Animal Origin - DIPOA

The Department of Inspection of Products of Animal Origin (DIPOA) is the division, within the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), which will check the products of animal origin.

Difficulties in registering a product of animal origin

The biggest difficulties are the time to write and prepare the technical dossier because at this stage many things converge, such as technical information about the product, calculations and nutritional tables, technical or chemical application of a particular derivative of animal origin and in the compilation of all this documentation.

Quality system for registration of animal products

The Quality System is essential to be able to register a product with MAPA, be it of animal origin or any other division of establishments.

To understand more about the importance of the Quality System and about Certification of Good Practices click here!

Renewal of the registration of product of animal origin

At the end of the probationary period, usually five years, it is necessary to renew the registration of product of animal origin.

To do this, you must submit a renewal request. It can be performed up to one day before its expiration. However, Stone Okamont  indicates that the process is initiated at least six months in advance.

The reason Stone Okamont advises  this time is due to the delay in carrying out the inspection and verification of the new documentation. Therefore, if a company chooses to request renewal the day before the expiration of the registration, it will act with the expired product registration, due to the time that MAPA needs to carry out its renewal process.

There is another renovation carried out with mapa that deserves your attention. Learn more here about Company License Renewal!

Stone Okamont registers animal products

Stone Okamont's job  is to monitor the process from the request, prepare the necessary documentation, compile the data, and deliver to the customer their product registration or renewal.

Respecting each type of specific regulation, Stone Okamont  acts by applying its expertise in the registration of animal products with MAPA and delivering the results satisfactorily, reducing expenses, monitoring in all stages, performing pre-audits when necessary or desired.

Another key point that differs from Stone Okamont  and proves that it is the best solution for your company when it comes to regulatory matters, is that it makes you save time. With the experience and knowledge of regulatory bodies, it delivers agile results, which ensure that your company will be in accordance with the requirements made.

How do we operate?

Product Registration Advisory and Consulting at SIF

We follow the entire documentation selection process and assist the company in the designation of the laboratory structure and labeling. If necessary, pre-auditand technical assistance will be carried out during the SIF inspection.

Renewal of MAPA product registration

Stone Okamont  advises your company and processes all technical documentation to renew the registration of the product, since the shelf life is five years.

All right, you can already perform the product registration of animal origin

After the company regulation process it is finally possible to perform the registration of product of animal origin, in this stage will be presented information about the product such as: labeling, usage information, efficacy tests and others. Want to know more about product registration?  Click> Product Registration.

All this with the Zero Bureaucracy method. Preventing you from wasting time and money trying to solve small details and big bureaucratic processes.

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