Implementation of Good Practices with MAPA

Implementation of Good Practices with MAPA

The implementation of Good Practices is essential for any regulated establishment with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA).

The Good Practices is due to a Quality System created for the company, which follows internal norms and, mainly, the legislation of its area of operation.

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The types of establishments can be:

  • Distributor Establishment;
  • Store;
  • Establishment Producer;
  • Warehousing Establishment;
  • Exporter Establishment;
  • Importer Establishment;
  • Related Establishment;
  • Establishment Producer of Animal Origin.

Within each of them, there are groups diversifying the performance of the company. For example, a Fertilizer Producer is subject to specific legislation that differs from the Producer's Establishment of Animal Cosmetics.

Therefore, a Quality System must follow the rules related to its area of operation.

And some establishments need a Certification of Good Practices so they can regulate your company and your product.

Who carries out the Certification of Good Practices

The Certification of Good Practices with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) can be done by MAPA itself or in some cases by a Primary Certification Agency (OCP).

The OCP is a certifier that has MAPA approval and is enrolled in the SINMETRO system (National System of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality).

Each area of activity and product developed has a specific certifier, being either an OCP or the MAPA itself.

How the Certification of Good Practices is performed?

The certifying body goes to the establishment to verify that the Quality System implemented is functional, safe and complies with the legislation in which it is applied. If everything is correct and within the required standards, the company receives the Certification of Good Practices.

Audits that assist the process

In order to grant certification, the certifying agency must verify the whole operation of the company and also the legal, structural and documentary part. So that no mistakes can be made along the way, Stone Okamont conducts audits that prepare the company and its entire staff for the verification of MAPA and OCP.

These audits, in addition to the preparation, can also present errors in the processes or if something should be improved, facilitating the Certification of Good Practices.

Quality System or Certification of Good Practices

As we have seen above, any establishment that needs to be regulated by MAPA must have a consolidated Quality System. And the Certification of Good Practices depends on the implementation of the Good Practices System.

But certification is not always mandatory, since in some establishments only the application of the System is enough. This relativity is due to the complexity of each area of activity.

Therefore, one of the easiest ways to find out if your company should have the Certification of Good Practices is to contact Stone Okamont, who will assist the entire process, from the implementation of the Quality System and proof of functionality until receipt of the Certification.

Process time

Analyzing how long the process of Certification of Good Practices takes from its request is intangible, since each company has its specificities. That is, there are several factors that can intervene during the process, making it longer or shorter.

Some of the main variants are:

  • Company size;
  • Complexity of processes;
  • Number of employees involved in the process;
  • If the company has special processes;
  • Whether the infrastructure and the logistics of the process are directly linked to the final product.

Stone Okamont Simplifies Certification of Good Practices for you

Stone Okamont uses the Zero Bureaucracy method to facilitate the process, taking care of all the bureaucratic part and delivering desired results.

This not only in the part of Certification of Good Practices, but in the whole process of regulating your company with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply.

With personalized attention, Stone Okamont guarantees quick, straightforward results without losing money in the process. Another great advantage is the differentiated means of payment, customized so that every company receives a service of excellence without having unnecessary expenses.

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