How to register inoculants in Brazil

How to register inoculants in Brazil

Inoculants are biological products capable of bringing benefits to plants, these are composed of bacteria responsible for forming nodules in their roots, these nodules transform the plant into an ideal agricultural organism, making the use of some types of fertilizers unnecessary.

Inoculants are products subject to MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply). MAPA is the Brazilian ministry responsible for regularizing products: for planting, harvesting, cleaning agricultural products, animal cleaning, drinks, animal feed and others.

Do you know what it takes to register inoculants in Brazil? In this content we will talk about each bureaucratic process necessary to register inoculants in Brazil.

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MAPA Establishments

To register inoculants in Brazil, it is necessary to establish a physical location and carry out its regularization. The establishment's regularization must be done according to the activity performed by the company and also with the product category involved in the process.

Types of MAPA establishments:

In some cases, it is necessary to obtain more than one type of establishment, for example: a company that produces, to export its products will need EP (producer establishment) and EE (exporter establishment). In most cases, only one main activity is needed and the others are implied, for example:

In the example above, the company registered its establishment as: Producing establishment, in that same register the company can develop activities to: distribute the manufactured products, store them and sell them. However, another process will need to be done if the product segment is changed. In the example, the entire process was done for the segment of inoculants, fertilizers, correctives, etc., changing to pesticides (pesticides, phytosanitary and etc.) would result in a new establishment registration process. 

Implementation of the Good Practices system

This is an important part of regularization and must be carried out before registering inoculants in Brazil. The Implementation of the Good Practices System is essential for the establishment's regulation. This system is composed of rules related to the activities performed by the company: production, distribution, storage, etc. The system has the function of establishing standard procedures for each activity. 

What does it take to register inoculants in Brazil?

After regularization of the establishment it is finally possible to register inoculants in Brazil. At this stage of the process, product safety and effectiveness tests will be requested in order to ensure that it fulfills its purpose without causing any damage to the application site or the applicator. In addition, information such as: labeling, composition, dosage, method of administration and other information will also be requested. 

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