How to register cheese on MAPA


The cheese market in Brazil has a high growth potential in the medium term, according to the Brazilian Association of Cheese Industries (Abiq). Since the whole legalization process is bureaucratic, Stone  Okamont will guide you on how to register cheese on MAPA.

All products of animal origin must be regularized in the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply. The whole procedure registering cheese on MAPA can be tricky for people who are not used to regulatory means.

But don't worry! Stone Okamont has experience and consultants specialized in the most diverse demands. Check out the story and find out how we can help you register cheese on MAPA!

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What's the definition of cheese?

MAPA defines cheese as any fresh or matured product from the partial separation of whey, coagulated by the action of specific enzymes or bacteria.

However, to register cheese in MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply), before it is necessary to regularize your company.

Establishment Register Producer for cheese making

First, before starting the processes to register cheese in MAPA, you will need to register your company as a Producer Establishment.

This license is intended for companies using raw materials, semi-industrialized  or industrialized of animal origin for the manufacture of products such as cheese.

Some of the requirements required to obtain registration:

I – The area for receiving raw materials must be large enough to accommodate the demand;

II – For establishments that receive milk in brass, an area intended for washing and sanitizing them is required.

The classification for cheese-producing establishments is Dairy Factory.

After legalizing the company in MAPA, one can start the process to register cheese in MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply).

Is the Establishment Registry valid?

The Establishment Registry must be renewed every ten years, being valid throughout the country.

If a change occurs in the current legislation, it will be necessary to make the appropriate changes in the registration.

What does it take to register cheese on MAPA?

After the regularization of the establishment in the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, your company will be able to start the necessary procedure to register cheese in MAPA.

The request must be made electronically, containing technical product information. There are some of them:

I - Data on the identification and characterization of cheese;

II - Indication of cheese ingredients, following decreasing order of quantity;

III - Description of manufacturing processes.

Understanding and applying all the requirements of mapa in the regularization of animal products requires a lot of attention and knowledge.

The procedure can be confusing, but Stone Okamont  uses the Zero Bureaucracy method to optimize its processes and deliver excellent results for registering cheese on MAPA.

Do I need SIF to register cheese on MAPA?

SIF is the acronym used for Federal Inspection Service. He is responsible for supervising and ensuring the quality of animal products, being edible or not.

This means that, in order to market and register cheese on MAPA, the product must undergo inspection and receive the SIF seal of approval on its label.

If any establishment is caught marketing their cheese without the SIF seal, it can be autuado.

How long is the cheese registration valid on MAPA?

The cheese record in MAPA has a validity of ten years, needing to be renewed in this time interval.

It is valid throughout the national territory and must undergo the necessary changes if the legislation that regulates it is amended.

The best method to register cheese on MAPA

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