Export products to Brazil.

Export products to Brazil.

In the current world scenario, the demand for health products have never been greater. In Brazil this is no different. Due to the rapid spread of Covid-19, Brazil is at a time of scarcity of products to ensure safety from contamination of the virus, such products are: alcohol gel, protective mask and latex gloves.

You, who are a manufacturer of alcohol gel, masks or latex gloves see how easy it is to export your products to Brazil in a regulated way with the help of Stone Okamont.

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There are two ways to legally export your products to Brazil.

  • The first one is to acquire an intermediary in Brazil, that is, someone who will import your products. In this case, the importer will need to go through the company and product regularization process. Company regularization consists primarily of:

- Obtain Operating License from VISA - (Health Surveillance). Process where occurs local inspection in accordance with RDC - (Resolution of the Collegiate Board) related to product classification. Want to know more? > 

- Obtain Operation Permits. In this process there are petitions, compilation of documents and collection of fees, the processes must be done physically and online. This process is analyzed by Anvisa - (National Health Surveillance Agency) and takes place in Brasília - Federal District. 

If the importer already has a license and authorization, it is only necessary to register the product. Below is a model of how the documents are:


Below you can check the product registration processes:

- Product classification. Anvisa classifies products according to the risk offered, numbering classes 1 to 4, with 1 being the lowest risk class and 4 the highest risk class.

- Products rated from 3 must obtain the Good Manufacturing Practices certificate, The Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices are a set of rules that govern all the processes through which the product goes. 

- Register the product. In this process, of Product registration, information about the product is presented, such as: Instructions for use, label, contraindications and others. 

  • The second alternative for exporting your products to Brazil is to opt for Holder services. Thus, the company can export its products to Brazil through Stone Okamont, which already has the essential licenses and authorizations, in this case, the only requirement is the product registration. That way, in addition to being a simpler and less bureaucratic process, you will garantee the free will to choose the number of distributors you would like to keep. Want to know more? > Holder service.

Whatever you choose, Stone Okamont acts advising and consulting for both solutions! Count on Stone Okamont to export your products to Brazil!

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