Do you know the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant registration?

Do you know the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant registration?

Surely you know or have heard of deodorant or antiperspirant. But before we talk about the difference in regularization, do you know the difference between these products?

The function of the deodorant is to reduce the amount of bacteria produced by our body, which cause the bad smell.  The antiperspirant has aluminum salts in the composition, inhibiting the production of sweat and eliminating the odor.

This difference influences the deodorant or antiperspirant regularization process. For more information, keep following the content and if you have any questions, talk to one of our consultants by clicking the button below.


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Differences in regularization of deodorant and antiperspirant.

Some differences in the deodorant or antiperspirant regularization process are the specific analyzes that must be presented.

For the regularization of the antiperspirant, it is necessary to prove that the product is safe and effective for human use, therefore, without the presentation of this study, it will not be possible to proceed with the regularization.

In the regularization of the deodorant, it is not necessary to present the safety and efficacy study, but this does not exclude proof of stability and the presentation of physical-chemical data.

What is the degree of risk of deodorant and antiperspirant?

As mentioned, there are different processes and requirements for each of these products. The antiperspirant is a product risk level II, which means it has specific indications, whose characteristics require proof of safety and/or efficacy, as well as information and care, mode and restrictions on use.

The deodorant is classified as risk level I, which is characterized by having basic or elementary properties, the regularization of this product is more simple compared to the regularization of a cosmetic of risk level II.

Before regularizing deodorant or antiperspirant, you will need to regularize your company with the ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency) following these steps:

Operating License

The first step is to obtain the Operating License for your establishment, a document issued by the VISA (Sanitary Surveillance), legalizing the operation of your company's activities and respecting all the rules established by the RDC corresponding to the activity that will be performed. This is the most careful phase of the deodorant or antiperspirant regularization process.

In this process, it is up to the institution to adapt its physical structure to receive the inspection from a VISA inspector. The agent will evaluate the technical and operational conditions of the place, so that your establishment can operate, moving on to the next step, which is the Authorization for the operation of the company.

Authorization for Business Operation

The Authorization for Business Operation (AFE) is one of the most important regulatory steps for the success of your business, so it is necessary to count on specialized technical support.

The Authorization for Business Operation, better known as "AFE", is an authorization from ANVISA for the company to carry out its activities; the document will be published in the Official Gazette of the Union (DOU). The AFE must be requested to start activities such as: manufacturing, distributing, storing, transporting, importing, or exporting.

At this stage, the petition must be filed, then the responsible body will verify the documents submitted, and collect the fees. Each type of category requires specific documentation, it is very important to pay attention to the base documents, as the lack of these can result in instant rejection.

Obtaining the AFE demonstrates that the company acts in accordance with the Brazilian legislation and is able to act throughout the national territory, thus moving on to the next phase, which is to regularize the deodorant or antiperspirant.

How to easily register deodorant or antiperspirant at ANVISA?

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