How to regularize fabric softener at ANVISA?

How to regularize fabric softener at ANVISA?

The softener is within the class of sanitizing products, requiring its regularization. In this blog we will cover the regulatory steps of fabric softener, continue reading the content for more information.

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Do I need a Business Operating Permit?

Obtaining the Company Operating Permit (AFE) is absolutely necessary for notifying the sanitizing agent at ANVISA.

The AFE is mandatory for your company to be able to regularize the sanitizing agent, depending on the activity performed by your company, importer or manufacturer.

And to obtain it, the request is made through an electronic petition, at the time of the petition, the satisfactory report issued by the Sanitary Surveillance of your municipality must be attached.

Is fabric softener exempt from registration?

Yes. The fabric softener is a sanitizing product of risk level 1, therefore it is exempt from registration, however, a notification must be made to Anvisa.

What is the difference between a registered and notified product?

Products classified as risk level I are notified and those classified as risk level II are registered.

Notification and registration of sanitizing products are carried out taking into account risk assessment and management, purpose, category and must comply with some specific regulations.

pH value, corrosivity, antibacterial action, etc. are some of the parameters evaluated for classifying the degree of risk of the sanitizing product.

Do you have questions about putting together your fabric softener notification dossier?

There is a series of documents that must be sent to Anvisa for notification of the softener.

Know that failure to send any mandatory document is a reason for rejection of your process.

How can we help you?

Any questions that arise regarding the notification of softener at ANVISA, our team of specialists at Stone Okamont can help you, contact us using the form below.

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