How to register food supplement for dogs?

How to register food supplement for dogs?

If you are curious about how to register food supplement for dogs, you don´t know which regulatory path to take, we have prepared this blog to help you with these and other questions.

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What is Food Supplement?

The Food Supplement is a mixture composed of ingredients or additives, which may contain vehicle or excipient, which must be supplied directly to the animals to improve the nutritional balance.


What is needed to register a food supplement for dogs at MAPA?

It´s important to say that the food supplement is not subject to registration, but exempt from registration, however, this item is not exempt from the bureaucracy applied to it, it´s necessary to present data that confirm and detail all the technical information of this product.

The company must provide information through the preparation of a technical report that must contain the basic characteristics of the product (basic composition, guarantee levels, animal category, among others).

Exemption from the Food Supplement Registration does not exempt the establishment and technical managers from complying with the requirements determined in other applicable regulations.


Registration of establishment with MAPA

It´s essential that your company knows that it´s mandatory to have a producer establishment registration before the product regularization processes start, if you don´t have these licenses yet, visit the Establishment Registration pages with MAPA, and learn how to proceed with the registration steps of food supplement.

It´s important to say that within this process some points need to be carefully evaluated, including the label of this product. There are specific standards for the elaboration and preparation of labels, such as NORMATIVE INSTRUCTION No. 22, OF JUNE 2, 2009, which helps to understand how labeling information should be arranged for the manufacturer.


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