Why export products to Brazil?

Why export products to Brazil?

The Brazilian population is one of the largest consumers of imported products in the world! Bringing a product to Brazil, whatever it may be, will certainly result in significant profits.

Thinking about it, Stone Okamont will help you in this regulatory process so that your product arrives in Brazil following all current legislation so that it is sold legally.

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How to export products to Brazil?

To export products to Brazil, first of all, it is necessary to regulate it at Anvisa - National Health Surveillance Agency or MAPA - Ministry of livestock agriculture and supply.

Anvisa is an agency responsible for the sanitary control of products and services related to the health area, therefore it works with products such as: medicines, hospital supplies, sanitizers and others. MAPA, is responsible for the control of products and services related to livestock agriculture and supply as the name implies, so MAPA will cover products such as: fruits, vegetables, meat, products for food and animal care, among others.

It is only possible to sell products in Brazil after regularization at one of these agencies. The regulatory process at both agencies is complicated, bureaucratic and detailed. Before starting product regulation, it is necessary to regulate the company, and for that, some definitions are necessary, such as: Am I going to establish a physical company in Brazil? Is there another way to trade without this need?

Well, in the case of products submitted to Anvisa it is possible to use the holder service, this allows you to bring your products without establishing a physical company, and only registration is required, this is for most of the products! Saving you the trouble of going through some steps, which would be: Obtain the operating license and the company operating permits - AFE, requirements necessary in Brazil to be able to register products with Anvisa. Learn more about: Operating License and Operating Permits AFE.

On the other hand, products submitted to MAPA need a physical establishment to carry out the product and company regulation action. Learn more about: MAPA.

How to export products to Brazil at low cost?

Stone Okamont understands that to establish a company or export products to Brazil without knowledge of the regularization laws and norms is an arduous, time-consuming and expensive task.

That is why it is important to hire a quality consultancy with all the expertise in the area so that you can export products to Brazil.

For your safety and even to feel the market, we offer Holder services with all the support of licenses and authorizations already obtained. Going straight to the regularization of the product, without having to establish the company in Brazil, saving time and lowering costs, so that you can export products to Brazil without bureaucracy and counting on our speed and agility so that you start selling as quickly as possible.

If establishing a physical company is interesting, our advice goes from the beginning to the end of all processes and procedures, following the choice of place, adaptations in accordance with the current laws, inspections and all the necessary steps in order to obtain the necessary licenses for finally register your products. Learn more about: Product registration.

Whatever your need, Stone Okamont will be ready to serve you! We have excellent professionals trained in several areas to meet any demand. Don't waste any more time! Count on us to achieve your goals faster.

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