Who needs the IBAMA regularization certificate?

Who needs the IBAMA regularization certificate?

The regularization certificate from the Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) is an important document for companies and enterprises that wish to comply with Brazilian environmental laws.

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What is the regularization certificate?

IBAMA's regularization certificate is a way to prove that the company is up to date with its environmental obligations, such as licenses and authorizations, and that it is taking measures to reduce its environmental impact. In addition, IBAMA's regularization certificate may also be required by customers and investors looking for companies committed to sustainability and the environment.

Who needs the regularization certificate?

The companies that need the regularization certificate from IBAMA are those that develop activities that can impact the environment, such as civil construction, extraction of natural resources, and industrial production, minimizing their environmental impact.

What is an Environmental Quality Report (RQMA)

The Environmental Quality Report (RQMA) is a periodical publication document determined by the National Environmental Policy that aims to present a scenario of the state of environmental quality in Brazil.

This report synthesizes, organizes and analyzes environmental information for the management of natural resources and the preservation of ecosystems in our country. The targets are federal, state and municipal environmental managers, private educational and research administrators, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and the general public.

Thus, IBAMA's proposal for the development of the RQMA consists in the legal foundation of this institutional mandate, the definition of a methodology and the proposition of strategies and joint actions to achieve the proposed objectives.

How to obtain the IBAMA regularization certificate?

To obtain the regularization certificate from IBAMA, companies must go through a process that includes the submission of documents such as environmental impact reports and environmental management plans, as well as compliance with specific requirements according to the activity performed. Violation of environmental regulations can result in fines and penalties for the company.

IBAMA's regularization certificate is an important tool to ensure that Brazilian companies act in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. In addition, the certification can help improve the company's image and reputation with customers and investors.

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