How to obtain Establishment Registration with MAPA?

How to obtain Establishment Registration with MAPA?

All products linked to agricultural activities, or that’re of animal origin, re subject   to the analysis of the  Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), and must follow the protocols stipulated by the agency.

 MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply) is the ininstitution in charge of all political management of incentive to agriculture, standardization and regulation of goods and products. Thus ensuring quality to the consumer.

 Every company that wants to market aproduct,  needs to follow some procedures that attest that the entire production process is in accordance with the legislation. By regularizing your business or product, you’ll come across several regulatory steps, and this content will help you understand this procedure quickly and conveniently.

 For this, it’s necessary to register and register the product with the competent body. Here’re the basic steps you'll find.

To register an establishment or product, there’re  several  standard instructions for  each activity, rules, and  steps that must be followed next to the MAP. If  bureaucracy isn't  your thing contacting Stone Okamont, we do all the work for you from start to finish. No rework and unnecessary expenses.

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Operating License

Every establishment needs the Operating License to carry out its activities, that’s, any business that’s open to the circulation of the public needs this authorization given by the MunicipalGovernment.

The operating permit is a document authorizing the company to carry out its activities in certain locations in accordance with the established standards. It’s granted by the City Hall or any other municipal government agency.

Establishment registration with MAPA

The Establishment Registration with MAPA is the necessary regulation for your company to carry out its work activities.

Therefore, before registering a product, its necessary that the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply grant the Establishment Registration, proving that the company operates within the standards of its specific function.

The Establishment Registration with MAPA is related to the  regulations of the area of operation of a company. That is, each specific activity receives a specific regulation.

If the company works with import, its regulations will be focused on import. If it’s a producing company, the legislation applied will be in accordance with the production regulations. If you only store products, legislation that handles storage will apply.

One of the functions of MAPA is to act as a regulatory body. It’s the ministry that makes the Registration of And tabelecimento with mapa so that they operate following the quality standards approved according to Ormativas NInstructions (IN) and other federal, state and other laws established by the Ministry of Agriculture itself, so that the final consumer has the desired quality in their products. Therefore having your Establishment Record with MAPA is essential.

Who should obtain establishment registration from MAPA?

Companies and goods related to agribusiness, veterinary market, beverages, wines and vinegars must carry out the Establishment Registration with MAPA before selling their products. This specification covers all functions relating to production, storage, distribution, import and export.

Self-control programs

Self-control Programs, also known as quality management, are nothing more than the Boas Practices employed in industries, to ensure the safety and safety of food in all its stages of elaboration.

 Internal standard No. 01/2017 clearly provides a description of each self-control or inspection element.

How to register product of animal origin?

After the establishment obtains the title of the registration, with number the SIF, the Product Registrationcan beinitiated,  which will be carried outthrough the Agricultural Management Platform (PGA). Remembering that only products that have Technical Identity and Quality Regulation (RTIQ) may have automatic approval by the system.

What is SIF?

The Federal Inspection Service (SIF) is a control system of the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply that evaluates the quality in the production of edible or inedible animal products.

It is then included any product intended for human consumption, either directly or indirectly. There are several products, but we can exemplify this coverage with: sweet milk, bacon, meat, feed for cattle or poultry, medicines for large animals, among others.

Obtaining Title registration in the SIF

After the completion of the works, the SIPOA of the region must be asked to visit and then be prepared the Final Inspection Report,  which must also be included in the registration application process.

When inspecting the establishment, the technician will request a complete analysis of the water supply,a basic condition necessary for an industry to operate with handling of products of animalorigin. It will also apply for the operating license issued by the state environmental agency.

MAPA Product Registry - Ministry of Agriculture

Stone Okamont provides advice and advice for acquiring registration, since products of animal origin and products from related establishments are otherwise processed. Our professionals are widely qualified to optimize the regularization performance of MAPA-related products.

 List of products that need product registration on MAPA

Products of plant origin;

  • Drinks, as well as wines and vinegars;
  • Fertilizers, inoculants, correctives;
  • Additives intended for animal feed (acidifiers, preservatives, dyes, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, etc.);
  • Products intended for animal feed;
  • all chemical, biological, biotechnological or manufactured preparation substances, the administration of which is done individually or collectively, directly or mixed with food, intended for the prevention, diagnosis, cure or treatment of animal diseases;
  • Additives, supplements, animal production improvers, antiseptics, environmental disinfectants or in livestock equipment and facilities, pesticides;
  • all products, used in animals or their habitat, which protect, restore or modify their organic and physiological functions, products intended for the hygiene and beautification of animals;
  • The processes of regularization of company and product are very complicated and bureaucratic, without necessary knowledge in the area it is practically impossible to complete them without having to redo it several times, thus dispersing a lot of time and money.

To do this, Stone Okamont has regulatory experts to advise you at every step and ensure that the course of each process is as quickly as possible at the lowest cost.

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