Which products are qualified at MAPA for PET beautification?

Which products are qualified at MAPA for PET beautification?

The topic we will talk about in this week's blog will be “Which products are qualified at MAPA for PET beautification”.


The products that are qualified at MAPA for PET beautification have a pharmaceutical nature, formed by natural or synthetic substances, with skin application, hooves, horns, nails, teeth, external ear, hair or animal mucosa.


Its purpose is to clean, perfume, modify its appearance, keep it in good condition or correct body odors, free from aseptic, antiseptic, disinfectant, prophylactic and therapeutic action and are presented in form of shampoos, soaps, conditioners, talcs, lotions, pastes, gels, concentrated liquids, pressed liquids, sprays and others.


It is important to say that these products are exempt from registration, however, these items are not exempt from the bureaucracy applied to them, it is necessary to present data that confirm and detail the entire technical issue of these products. In the zero bureaucracy method, “it is not because it is exempt that nothing needs to be done” the company must provide some technical nature information. The product in question (Exempt) will undergo a basic technical evaluation process, before its exemption is released by the Ministry of Agriculture.


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It is essential that your company knows that it is mandatory to have a producer or distributing stablishment registration, before the product regularization processes start, If you do not yet have these licenses, visit the Establishment Registration pages at MAPA and Establishment Registration Related to MAPA, and learn more about this topic.


Check out our YouTube channel and look for our related establishment or license registration at MAPA videos, we have important information for you to continue this process. If you have already done it, let's talk about the process of registering products for pet beautification.


It is important to say that within this process some points need to be carefully evaluated, including the labels of these products. There are specific norms for the elaboration and preparation of labels according to the current norms of MAPA, these norms help to understand how the information must be arranged for the consumer and for the care of their PET.


If your company needs help with these matters, to get your products exempt or you need more information to register products for pet beautification, contact Stone Okamont and we will help you in all regulatory requirements minimizing bureaucracy and facilitating access to your exemption and other records.

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