Which foods need registration in MAPA?


Doubts about which products need to be registered in MAPA are very common, so Stone Okamont comes to facilitate your understanding with this blog. If there is any doubt about which foods need registration in MAPA, we provide our form, our consultants will contact you.

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Which foods should be registered?

MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and Supply) takes care of the exclusive marking of in natura agricultural products, products of animal origin.

A document is released that legalizes the commercialization of products of animal origin honey, eggs, meat, cheese, fish and their undelivered products, if the list sells any illegal product.


Who does it apply to?

Companies that manufacture and/or sell their products for internal trade, export and import need to obtain the Animal Product Registration.

To ensure that products of animal origin are not harmful to health, compliance with national and foreign legislation is essential, the DIPOA (Department of Inspection of Products of Animal Origin) also has the Federal Inspection Services - SIF, working with each establishment registered with DIPOA.


What do I need to do to market these foods within the rules?

The first step for your company to comply with the requirements of the MAPA, is before obtaining the approval of the product, you need to obtain the Registration of Establishment.

The Establishment Registration is the necessary regularization for your company to carry out its activities with MAPA.

Before register a product, MAPA must grant the Establishment Registration, proving that the company operates within the rules of its specific function.


Implementation of the Quality System to register food at MAPA

The Quality System is a fundamental and mandatory tool whose main objective is to ensure the conformity, quality and safety of products. The Quality System is implemented exclusively for each establishment, aiming at all the hygienic, sanitary and operational procedures elaborated, designed and implemented according to each company and activity to be performed, always aiming at the care with the process and product.

Stone Okamont has an extremely specialized team to develop the most diverse Quality Systems, through implementation and correction audits, according to large variations in legislation.

Stone Okamont is also part of a small and select group of Brazilian companies with the capacity to carry out “Quality System Harmonizations” in any country on the globe. Actions such as the elaboration of quality manuals based on Good Practices, corrective audits are part of our company's day to day, in this way, registering food in MAPA is easier and less bureaucratic for your company.


Did you find it complicated? Don´t worry!

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