What is the Good Practice Manual for?

What is the Good Practice Manual for?

The Manual of Good Practices is a document that describes the operations carried out by the establishment including, at a minimum, the sanitary requirements of the buildings, the maintenance and hygiene of the facilities, equipment and utensils, the control of hygiene and health of the manipulators and the control and quality assurance of the final product.

It is a manual usually imposed on companies that manufacture cosmetics, drugs, food and many others.

The purpose of this document is to describe what your establishment will be used for. Examples: Prepare, sell, distribute, store, manufacture, etc.

For all the steps involved in the preparation of the Good Practices Manual, all procedures and routines performed at the establishment must be described in detail. The Manual of Good Practices is specific to each location, and must be constantly elaborated and updated, considering the current health legislation, books and technical publications.

Therefore, ANVISA establishes a set of rules and correct practices that must be adopted so that these requirements are covered. It is extremely important to study the health surveillance services of the Federal District, state and local municipality.

The states and the Federal District, in accordance with Law 8,080, of September 19, 1990, must establish, in a supplementary nature, rules. And, the municipalities, in their context of action, must standardize public services and health actions. There is no prototype ready to structure this document, including chains and franchises, although there are similarities, they must have their own GMP manual.

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External areas of the establishment

The external areas must be free of unhealthy areas, absence of garbage, objects in disuse, animals, insects and rodents. The surrounding areas must offer conditions that do not allow the proliferation of insects and rodents. Patios should be maintained with washable floors, trimmed grass or gravel.

POP (Standard Operating Procedure)

POP is a document that formalizes repetitive tasks within an organization. That is, any document that is a “step by step” of a repetitive task falls under the category of standard operating procedures.

The documents used in factories and industries to operationalize, standardize, sequence and speed up the services to be performed. Often a POP can be confused with other tools, such as the good practice manual.

The basic objective is to guarantee, through a standardization, the expected results for each task performed, that is, it is a standardized script for carrying out an activity.

It can be easily confused with the Manual of Good Practices, but they are different procedures and with different purposes. A POP is richer in detail than a manual of good practices, which is more comprehensive. The manual of good practices alone is a much more extensive document than the POP.

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