What is the difference between Operating License and Sanitary License?

What is the difference between Operating License and Sanitary License?

What are these services and what is the difference between them?

The operating license, is a document issued by the town hall, which declares the legality of the company's operation; thus demonstrating that it has all the requirements to operate.
This is an indispensable document for opening a corporation and the first authorization document that must be obtained.
The Sanitary License is a document issued by the sanitary surveillance, this document aims to ensure public health. This authorization is necessary only for some companies, such as companies that operate in the health care area, food, or any other related areas that may represent risk to the health and well-being of the population.

Which establishments need an operating license and sanitary license?

The operating license is mandatory for companies in the commercial, agricultural, industrial and service provider sectors.Some corporations are exempt from having an operating license, such as: residents' association; seat of political party; religious temples and international organizations.

The sanitary license is required for establishments that present risks to the health of the population, such as food services, health and cosmetic sectors, whether they are manufacturers, wholesalers or retailers. The consultation can be made in RDC 153/17, which mentions the activities that are required to have a sanitary license.

Each agency will be responsible for inspecting the activities and products subject to sanitary licensing. ANVISA, for example, is responsible for authorizing pharmacies, industries in the health sector, and cosmetics distribution; the Municipal Secretary supervises establishments that handle food; the State Secretary is responsible for laboratories, clinics, and hospitals.
Remember that, depending on the establishment in question, both licenses, the operating license and the sanitary license, may be required.

How to obtain the operating license?

To obtain the operating license we must understand that there are some details, because the documentation for issuing the license varies from municipality to municipality, since these criteria are defined according to the municipal bodies.

First, you must define the legal type and address of the company, with the activities performed classified according to the relevant CNAE.

After this, you can request the issuance of the business license by submitting some documents.

Licenses issued by other safety agencies may also be required, such as: AVCB/CLCB; environmental license; sanitary license; license to manipulate controlled chemicals and license to manipulate POA (products of animal origin).

These documents can be filed at the city hall or other municipal agency responsible for issuing the permit. And in some municipalities this document can be requested online.

It is worth noting that, as previously mentioned, these documents vary according to the municipality, that is, the documentary requirements and the amount of fees vary according to the city where the company is located.

In this way, only with approval and concession will your establishment be duly regularized and authorized to start its activities.

How to obtain the sanitary license?

To obtain the sanitary license, you must fill out an application, either for initial license or renewal.

After the request, a previous inspection will be performed by sanitary agents in the company's premises. The inspectors can come to the establishment without prior notice to start the inspection. If the facilities and conduct are correct, the agency will issue the document, otherwise, the person in charge must make the changes requested by the inspector.

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