How is honey producers and resellers regularized?

How is honey producers and resellers regularized?

Do both need regularization in the MAP?

The answer is no! To regularize an apiary you do not need to regularize your company with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply. Whoever trades must obtain this certification.


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  • What is an apiary and how it should be regularized;
  • Registration of the honey reseller establishment/benefitting unit;
  • Registration of honey in MAPA;
  • I need SIF to register honey in MAPA;
  • Clear your doubts

What is an apiary and how should it be regularized?

An apiary is characterized by a set of hives used for beekeeping, normally developed with the aim of producing honey, propolis, poison, wax, among other substances.

However, it is important to regularize the apiary before its development. This regularization/registration takes place at the Agricultural Defense of the state where the activity is to be carried out. The function of this body is to defend the health sustainability of agribusiness through surveillance.

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Registration of the honey reseller establishment/benefitting unit

But, and who trades products from the apiary, such as honey, need to be regularized in the MAPA? Yes, this establishment needs to be regularized in MAPA.

This type of company is called “Processing Unit, whose activities include reception, classification, processing, industrialization, packaging, labeling, storage and shipment of products of animal origin, such as like honey.

After your establishment is duly registered, it is possible to proceed with the product regularization process with MAPA.

How to register honey in the MAP?

There are several ways to register honey in MAPA, which are determined according to the characteristics of the product. Check out some of the ways to regularize honey:

  1. Register Bee honey: product in its natural form. It can be obtained through pressing or even going through processing techniques, such as heating.
  2. Register Honey from bees in combs or with combs: for this production, the strict rules established by the SIF must be obeyed. The combs must be: clean, clear, without larvae, capped and for first use.
  3. Register honey from bees with Royal Jelly: Royal Jelly must have a minimum proportion of 0.2% when added to honey. The company must monthly declare the quantity of royal jelly purchased as raw material.

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Do I need SIF to register honey in MAPA?

SIF is the acronym used for Federal Inspection Service. He is responsible for inspecting and ensuring the quality of animal products, whether edible or not.

This means that in order to market and register honey with MAPA, the product must pass inspection and receive the SIF seal of approval on its label.

If any establishment is caught selling its honey without the SIF seal, it may be fined.

Therefore, without your approval, it is not allowed to sell honey! The approved product must have the SIF seal on its label.

How to register your establishment and product in MAPA?

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