What is the difference between advising and consulting?

What is the difference between advising and consulting?

When the subject of consultancy and advisory comes up, there is often confusion about the role of the advisor and a consultant. These works offer results to companies, however, they have differences.

Incorrect hiring of these services often occurs, this results in an inadequate service for your company and your needs, which can negatively influence the company's profitability.

We'll cover the main differences between consulting and advisory, and the advantages they offer, so you can make the best hiring.

What is consulting?

Consulting can be defined as a service that helps a company in its activities, being able to monitor the project from start to finish. The company's situation and the work done are examined in detail, developing and recognizing probable failures in the client's business.

We at Stone Okamont develop solutions for your company, but the application is carried out by the contracting party, so the execution part is not up to the consultant.

What is advising?

This service makes a technical contribution to a company and its activities, from the beginning of the project to the completion of the service. In other words, the advisor identifies the company's difficulties, as does the consultant, however, he participates in the operational part of the service, acting directly in the process.

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Main differences between consulting and advisory.

In the processes of a company, both services serve as an aid, the difference is in the execution of the service.

The company needs to be aware that when hiring the consulting service, the application and execution of the process is the responsibility of the company. For this reason, it is necessary to be available or to delegate the task to someone.

In consultancy, the execution period is longer, which becomes a problem for companies that need immediate solutions.

Thus, it is essential to analyze the type of service that best fits the contracting company.

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If you need a company to point out necessary improvements or align with current market trends, Stone Okamont has the right professionals to enhance the improvement of the work to be done in your business.

We offer all the necessary support for your company, we are available to develop strategies that help in the improvement of your company's processes.

Stone Okamont is an advisory and consulting company with regulatory intelligence in the most diverse regulatory bodies in Brazil.

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